What's BAD about sheet mask?

What's BAD about sheet mask?

Sheet masks are becoming increasingly popular. When one applies a sheet mask onto the skin, the mask basically seals in the various active serums underneath it. This helps the skin to get those nutrients and other beneficial ingredients which help to get a smoother and well toned look.

Sheet masks are easy to apply and the prices are quite affordable, you can even get FREE samples at skin18.com to try first before making the decision on long term using.

Despite this it is important to point out that there is a common misconception related to the use of sheet masks. This is the tendency for people to think that as long as they apply a sheet mask, there is no need to apply any other skin care product. That is NOT correct, because even though sheet masks can be effective, it is important to invest in certain important skincare products such as a good cleanser, moisturizer and toner.

Sheet masks should not replace serums either.  Sheet masks should not be used every day, as many people sometimes do. Generally speaking it is recommended to apply a face sheet mask two to three a week depending on the skin type. The use of a hydrating serum is still important. Sheet masks can thus help to boost hydration, but they cannot replace the efficacy of a good hydrating serum.

Sheet masks  should be avoided if one has acne-prone skin. When a sheet mask is applied, this ends up increasing the temperature due to the occlusion. As a result bacteria will multiply on the surface of the skin, resulting in acne problems. Moreover, the efficacy of sheet masks over other skin care treatments has not yet been scientifically proven.

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