Mask types talk(B): Sheet, Cream, Sleeping, Wash Off, Clay, Peeling.

Mask types talk(B): Sheet, Cream, Sleeping, Wash Off, Clay, Peeling.

When it comes to facial beauty, women use different types of masks. Such masks get their names based on some characteristic unique or specific to them. Broadly speaking, these are classified as sheets, creams, sleeping, clay, peeling, and wash off masks. A brief description of each of these masks is furnished below:

(A) Sheet Masks

The unique feature of this mask is its sheet like form. The sheet as it is called, is usually cut like a face mask, with openings for the nostrils, mouth, and eyes, and also accommodates the projection of the nose. Clearly not an easy thing to do, and so it may be available in pieces which need to be placed on the specific parts of the face. The sheet is thin; and usually made from cotton. It is soaked in some serums that have specific benefits. Such sheets are available for different purposes. Most hydrate the skin, and some may have additional benefits as well. The sheets are folded and packed in plastic packets so that the serums do not react and get spoilt or dried. These are usually left on the face for almost 20 minutes for a faster facial.

(B) Cream Masks

As the name suggests, the cream has the required ingredients to hydrate the face, and give it the required softness, smoothness, and glow. The cream is applied on the face and left for a specified number of minutes, which generally can be anything between 20 minutes to half an hour.

(C) Sleeping masks

These are, as the name suggests, the last thing you would wear at night, before you go to sleep. These are also creams with more ingredients than any night cream. The difference is these creams work overnight.

(D) Clay masks

These masks are used to bring down oiliness on the face, or to bring down pore sizes as well. Pores increase with age and sometimes they do not look that nice at all. Special clay consisting of bentonite and kaolin clays is used in these masks. Such masks should remain on the face for a specified period, usually half an hour after application.

(E) Peeling masks

These masks are used for deep cleansing, and as the name suggests the mask is peeled off from the skin. The skin tends to become dull or rough because of the accumulation of dirt on it. The mask sticks to the skin, and as it is pulled out, it pulls away dirt and other residue with it. However, there are peeling masks that serve different purposes. They are available in gel like forms or like creams.

(F) Wash off masks

These resemble creams but are often dark grey to light brown, or dark brown in color. They are applied and after a few minutes the person can wash his/her face. The skin becomes softer and moisturized with such masks.


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