Mask Type Talk (C) Sheet, Cream, Sleeping, Wash Off, Clay, Peeling

Mask types talk C - Sheet Cream Sleeping Wash Off Clay Peeling

There is greater awareness in women about facial beauty these days. Traditional methods are resurfacing as better options because chemicals in cosmetics are leaving skins lifeless more often than not, or causing some undesirable adverse reactions. Another reason for such interest in beauty is because it is now possible to share traditional beauty recipes across the Internet, many of which are not as time consuming to prepare. Even the cosmetic industry has opened its doors to traditional methods of skin care, using fruits, vegetables, and other naturally found ingredients in their formulations.

Of all the beauty tips and methods used, facial masks are perhaps the most talked about and used as well. Masks these days are available in the form of creams, sheets, and peels. The skin type matters when it comes to selecting the type of mask that is needed. The climate also has an effect. In addition, masks differ based on purpose. Some masks are therefore used to reduce wrinkles, whereas others may be used for cleaning the skin.

Basically a mask only increases the effect of whatever is the skin care procedure that a person follows each day.  Effectively, masks that hydrate complement a moisturizer’s functions, and masks that exfoliate are for increasing the effectiveness of any skin cleanser. Because masks are highly potent, they should not be overused.

Traditionally, it was necessary to wash off the mask after a specific time. But now, many of the masks can remain on the skin. Obviously, effectiveness has been adjusted to suit such usage. Even application has become easier and preparation less difficult. Ingredients used in masks at spas often contain rare, exotic, and unusual ingredients. Chocolates, snails, and gold foils have all entered the face mask arena to make women’s faces more beautiful than ever.  Most of the face mask concoctions serve more than one purpose.

Broadly, face masks can be divided into:

(1) Toning, brightening, and skin clarifying face masks:

Wine with Kaolin clay, oat flour, and grapes seed oil are suitable for removing wrinkles because of resveratrol in wine, which is an antioxidant.  Acai berries tighten the skin as do other berries such as blue berries, and raspberries because of the polyphenols in them. These phenols are antioxidants which are effective against wrinkles as well. But the reason berries such as acai berries are popular in face masks is because they seem to have the ability to counter hyperpigmentation, effectively making them ideal to get an even and toned skin and to reduce age spots. Olive oil in such masks hydrates. Face masks with lime are known to reduce age spots too.

(2) Deep cleaning face masks:

Kaolin clay and oat flour masks are suitable for cleansing and exfoliating the skin.  Alpha hydroxyl acids and Vitamin C in Strawberries are good for exfoliating the skin. Bee pollen is also good for this.

Ground sugar mixed with olive oil also serves as something that cleans the pores, and once the pores are cleaned, the skin becomes tighter. Egg whites combined with beer can also clean the skin by removing dead cells, making the skin seem brighter.

(3) Detoxifying face masks:

Caffeine and chocolate are known to detoxify the skin. Mixing them with yogurt gives a mix that is perfect. Clay is another agent ideal for detoxifying the skin. Combining Kaolin clay with apple cider (vinegar), yogurt and some oil can be of great help to people whose skin is oily and therefore, requires detoxifying.

(4) Nutrients replenishing face masks:

Face packs with vitamins and minerals in them are the nutrient replenishing face masks. It is also suitable for aging skin.

(5) Skin soothing and relaxing face masks:

Face masks with cucumber are perhaps some of the most soothing ones for the skin. Honey and tomato juice can be soothing as well as detoxifying agents in a face mask.

(6) Moisturizing face masks:

Grape seed masks are suitable for moisturizing as are olive oil containing face masks. Yogurt is another moisturizing agent.

Most of the manufactured masks these days contain such varying ingredients and are available as sheets. There is a separate sheet available for different parts of the face. All that a person needs to do is place the sheets on different parts of the face. When the specified number of minutes have lapsed, peeling off these sheets is all that is needed.

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