Home Made Mask VS Commercial Mask

Home Made Mask VS Commercial Mask

Wash off Masks are understood to be helpful in cleansing the outside layer of skin because it helps remove the dead skin cells and dirt. Some masks also can deeply cleanse the face. It can help you clean along with improve the look and health of your face's skin. The mask will allow you to attain a better skin feel and it is going to make your skin clearer. With a clean skin, it is possible to prevent oil build up and pimple formation.

Sheet Masks are understood to be helpful in pumping necessary nutrition and natural ingredients to the skin with an intensive 15-30 minutes of placing a soaking wet cotton sheet onto your face.  The mask will insert enough ingredients to take care of your dull skin color tone, create elasticity, moisturize, etc.

If you need to use a facial mask, you've got two choices. It's either to buy commercial already made facial masks or to create your own facial mask at home. Here are reason why commercial mask surpasses home made ones.

The price on buying for a ready to use Wash off / Sheet mask or using a home made face mask are even, home facial with food ingredient sometime even cost more than buying a Wash off / Sheet mask online. 

You might need to spend a lot more on a commercial mask or mask in a spa 10 years ago, but Korea innovative skin care made it possible nowadays to provide affordable facial mask with less than US$1 per mask.  For example, many masks at Skin18 with the ingredient Lemon cost less than US$1 or even US$0.6 with discount; comparing a home mask with lemon, purchasing a lemon might cost the same. 

During the mask process, home mask with lemon will be more difficult that you need a towel, spend time to cut the lemon, make sure the raw lemon is not allergy to your skin type, etc.

But home made mask is not 100% bad, the reason of this really is that most of the ingredients of understood to be powerful home made face masks can be really found in your kitchen or fridge.  Some recommended home mask ingredient would be egg (yolk and/or white), milk powder, honey, lemon juice, yeast powder, oatmeal, yogurt, mayo, papaya, avocado and cucumber.

You may not need all the above mentioned ingredients to make an effective home made mask. Actually, a milk facial mask may do wonders and this can be made by simply wetting a cotton ball with milk and dabbing it onto your face.

Some home made face mask includes a solution or a paste that's made from a couple of the listed ingredients.

You can try to make your own mask with fridge ingredient; it is very easy find list of items and process on the internet by typing “home made mask”.

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