Mask types talk(A): Sheet, Cream, Sleeping, Wash Off, Clay, Peeling.

Mask types talk: Sheet, Cream, Sleeping, Wash Off, Clay, Peeling.

Types of facial masks

Facial masks may not be a part of a skincare routine done every day but they are great players when it comes to ensuring that the skin gets the very treatment that it possibly an. Going to a SPA for a facial is always a great thing. However, today you can be able to reap the same benefits straight from home and all you need is to know exactly what to look out for. There are so many facial masks that are available today and whether they are in a bottle or in a sheet or whether you mix them at home, they will be able to serve different purposes. There are so many facial masks in the world but you need to get a solution that is simply perfect on that skin type so as to get a boost.  At Skin18, you can find following types:

  • Masks (Sheet) - Facial mask sheets in different kinds, types and ingredient.
  • Masks (Animal) - Fun facial mask sheet with animal or fun print on it.
  • Masks (Hydrogel) - Facial mask with different type of gel material.
  • Masks (With Steps) - Facial with steps, usually comes with cleanser, serum or night cream.
  • Masks (Others) - Clay mask, gel mask, liquid mask, eye mask, etc.

What they are

Facial masks are actually a topical kind of skincare which is designed so as to give additional benefits to ones face. Depending on the mask that you use, you will be able to reinforce yet another skincare routine. Some of the masks are great for hydration and so they amplify effects of daily moisturizers while others are designed for the sole purpose of purification and exfoliating. This allows them to get those impurities out.

Facial masks are potent and therefore shouldn’t be used every day. When you over use masks, you can actually hinder the skin some more so you need to sue them properly. There are some masks that need rinsing off after use.

Masks  are available in different textures and types. They are made of different ingredients and it is such things that you need to know before settling for one. Some types include:

Gel masks: these are actually oil free and they come with gel consistency. They are amazing for skin hydration and can work with acne prone, dehydrated combination and oil skin by adding water but not oil.

Clay masks: these are oil absorbing clays because they dry and tighten the skin which leads to the clearance of skin pores. The clay based masks are quite recommended for all types of skins in need of some oil absorption. Some of the clay masks can be really drying so be careful.

Cream masks: they have moisturizing oils that aid in the hydration and plump of the dry skin types. Many of the cream masks do not have to be rinsed off after drying. You can however tissue any residue off and leave the rest.

Sheet masks: Is thin cotton sheets soaked in hydrating ingredients and are applied on the face so as to offer skin hydration.

All these masks are available at in widest variety from all over the world including South Korea. You can be able to purchase some of the most amazing formulas here and get results that are truly outstanding.  Skin18's founder is a big fan of facial sheet masks and all products on shelf are those best to your skin. is the place to be so as to get all your beauty related solutions and these include the facial masks that are very trendy today.

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