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Nose Pore Mask - formation of black head

Nose pore mask - formation of black head

Nose Pore Mask - formation of black head

 The blackheads are the type of acne and they can appear at the chest, back, neck and face. The name was derived in the Latin word which means gluttony. Blackheads look like black specks and they have the appearance of the freckles.  Blackhead may be raised or flat in their texture. They are the results of oxidation of the dead skin cells with oil which is trapped within the pores of the skin. When they get into contact with the air or external factors, such particles that were trapped will result in a blackhead.

Blackhead may also be a result of too much development of the sebum when it widens the follicles of the hair and this makes it easy for the blackhead to start.  Sebum is the type of the waxy oil which the skin makes and when there is over production of the sebum in sebaceous glands, it makes the pore to be clogged and it leads to the blackheads. Most of the time, the blackheads start to show in puberty and this is the result of the increased hormone level that affects how the skin produce sebum.  When the blackhead is not treated in the right way, it can read to pustules or acne pimples and these are the inflammation that has the puss cells.  It may also lead to the cystic acne.

When there is over secretion of the oil, it may lead to the reappearing of the blackheads.  In young people, this is caused by the puberty and this is described like the growing up process because of the level of the hormones raise during the puberty.

To get rid of the blackhead, use the following steps. Start washing the face using gentle cleanser with warm water on daily basis. You should clean the face before you go to the bed and in the morning. You should also wash the face after performing certain activities and exercising.  Use clay masks to the nose, chin and forehead at least two times each week. Let the clay mask dry itself so that you can peel it. The clay extracts the dirty and the oil in the pores.

Clean the nose with a facial scrub at least three times every week. Scrub exfoliates the skin and it removes the oil that can lead to acne.  You can use creamy exfoliating product for dry skin.  For oil or acne, use the scrub that has salicylic acid.  If you do not like chemicals, use baking soda on the skin and rinse it using cool water for some minutes. Baking soda can kill the bacteria and it gets rid of dead skin.

When you start to get rid of the blackhead, you should remove these found on the nose first. The nose mask should stay for at least 10 minutes and remove the leftover of whiteheads and blackheads using the sebum removal stick with cotton swab. You should use a second pore soothing mask for other 10 minutes. You can apply a third pole control essence at the nose and rub the essence before you finish.

L'affair Nose Pack Clear Black Head 3 steps kit


L'affair Nose Pack Clear Black Head 3 steps kit


Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit


Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit

Beyond The God of Patches Bye-bye to Nose Blackheads


Beyond The God of Patches Bye-bye to Nose Blackheads




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