My Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask Experience

My Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask Experience

I call myself an explorer, as I am always in a mood to discover new trends in lifestyles. This time I opt for skin care, as I am not a routine personality, taking care of my outlook in a prescribed manner, but this time I take it as a challenging  task .I have heard about the buzz about Korean skin care regimen raising their voice both in the real market and in online business. To explore Korean beauty secrets I visited Skin18 and pick a bio cellulose facial mask sheet to initialize my study.

What is Bio Cellulose? Bio cellulose (or microbial cellulose) is a natural fiber with a diameter of only 20 nanometers – 1000 times thinner than human hair. This superfine fiber is an eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to fibers produced through commercial manufacturing processes. (* quoted from

I thought it was a timely experience and soon I’ll be switching to other products, but for my surprise I got addicted to the supreme Korean skin care product with each new variety I tried. As bio cellulose facial mask sheet is my most favorite skin application item, so I am delivering the details about this innovative Korean skin care product to let you try for at least once.

Bio Cellulose Mask employs the most unconventional technology to transport nutrients into the skin. The mask is your another skin. The gel of the mask will rapidly cool on facial surface to regulate body temperature. Nano-fibers of fermented microbes with interweaved three-dimensional area allows key ingredients to penetrate deeply into epidermis. SOC Aloe-Soothing Intensive Care Mask is the first mask which I tried, it soothes my skin with the Aloe content and the bio cellulose sheet became a perfect mediator. Surprisingly it cost only $2.50.

The bio cellulose is synthesized usually from bacteria they are the “tiny craftsmen altering sugar and other substrates into bands of cellulose that are knotted into sheet masks. SOC AC-Dressing Intensive Care Mask will exhibit all the given properties.

Characteristics of the Bio cellulose Sheet Masks:

  • The fibers of the masks are 500 times finer than tissue masks, to hold moisture into your skin and permit a deeper diffusion of fundamental ingredients into the dermis.
  • Bio cellulose mask hydrates skin, giving a radiant, and glow in minutes of application
  • It forms a protective membrane against impurities and High Absorbency. My favorite is the US$2.50 SOC Horse Oil-Complex Intensive Care Mask, and I apply it whenever I got stressed opt to relieve tension from my skin.
  • The bio cellulose fibers are able to hold water up to about 10 times more than traditional masks.
  • There organic cellulose fibers measure 20 nm in diameter, effectively smaller than usual masks
  • It forms a film which adheres to the skin without pastiness.
  • The flexibility gives the ease in removal and repositioning without additional support
  • Bio-Cellulose Mask is tight and is just enfolding my skin like another fold of dermis. I could not resist the instant firming effect with a cooling sensation
  • Bio cellulose is highly crystalline, tightly intertwined fibers, strong and robust.
  • Bio cellulose is a germ-free, pure compound.



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