How often do you mask how many times a week is good to use a mask

How often do you mask how many times a week is good to use a mask

How often do you use mask? How many times a week is good to use a mask? 

Why should one use a cleaning mask and how often should we use it? Well, a deep cleansing mask should be used for the skin on a regular basis - like at least twice a week. Though it seems to be an extra step in the skin care regimen, which one will forget easily it is very beneficial to the skin and there are so many reasons why one should follow it religiously.

Some reasons to use a cleansing mask regularly

Our environment is filled with toxins everywhere due to the pollutions, dirt, cigarette smoke, etc. The toxins also include the makeup and skin care products that people use. The ultra violet radiation from the sun causes free radical damaging to our skin and results in aging because it is mildly toxic to our skin. We and our skin are often exposed to these toxic substances almost on all days regularly. Our face is the one which is more constantly damaged due to these things as the rest of the body is kept covered by clothing.

In particular those people who always have to stay outdoors as their work demands them would have a very difficult time in protecting their skin and face from the damage of the harsh UV rays and the toxins in the atmosphere. Especially men are the ones who are prone to skin damage by the sun more often than women. Their skin is exposed to all the climatic changes like sun and wind and gets damaged more in addition to the damage done by using the razors.

For women who use makeup on a regular basis while going out, their skin is prone to more damage as the makeup would clog up the pores and hence lead to blemishes caused by acne and pimples on the skin. Though your daily cleanser works really well in cleansing your face, the tiny particles in the cleanser are not sufficient enough to get rid of all the imperfections caused by skin damage.

Everyone would have had pimples at any point in their lives. You should know that pimples are not caused by dirt alone but other reasons why you get pimples might be due to inflammation on the skin and the dead skin cells present in your skin for a much long time would clog your pores leading to pimples. The sebum is the natural moisturizer on the skin and these dead cells on the skin would combine with the sebum on your skin and form a plug which results in pimples formed on the skin.

Hence you must use a cleansing mask regularly to avoid the pimples from occurring on your skin. The natural extracts present in the facial cleansing mask are good for your skin that helps in absorbing the excess sebum present in your skin and also helps trap the dead skin cells. Just use a facial cleansing mask twice a week and rinse away all the imperfections on your skin easily.

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