The Three Musketeers Of Korean Cosmetics - All-In-One Three-Step Skin Care Repair

The Three Musketeers Of Korean Cosmetics - All-In-One Three-Step Skin Care Repair

The Three Musketeers Of Korean Cosmetics

All-In-One Three-Step Skin Care Repair - [i:bo] All-In-One 3step Repair Solution

All for three-in-one, and all-in-one three-step skin repair solution for all of you!

How it works:

1st Step

  • Your first step to the miraculously repaired skin begins with the highly concentrated ampoule
  • Fantastic regeneration ampoule 1.5g, which restores PH balance, improves your skin texture and tone, including almost instant illuminating effects

2nd Step

  • Your second step includes the superb fiber mask sheet
  • This genuine repairing and whitening mask (30g) sheet stimulates the invaluable regeneration and whitening processes
  • You can expect quick and apparent moisturizing, anti-aging and whitening effects
  • This outstanding fiber mask sheet is completely soaked into a 30g of whitening and wrinkle eliminating ampoule
  • You can forget about dull, dry, and inelastic skin

3rd Step

  • The final step includes a regeneration cream 1.5g
  • This fascinating repair finagling cream ensures the crucial nutrition supply, all day moisturizing and top skin protection layers
  • Your skin’s elasticity will be preserved and strengthen through the whole day
  • Your skin’s smooth texture will be followed by a clear tone and substantial moisture

Essential Product Characteristics:

  • Ensures the following: skin’s relaxation and regeneration, including supply of essential nutrients and improved elasticity
  • FDA approved and registered
  • KFDA certified for two key skin’s regeneration functions

Recommended For The Following:

  • Dry and sensitive skin, which required an additional attention after laser treatments and similar
  • Nonelastic skin, which asks for an additional treatment before and/or after giving birth
  • Rough and dry skin texture, which is caused by the substantial lack of moisture
  • Uneven skin tone and dull skin problems
  • Problematic skin, which requires fast and efficient regeneration care and results

How To Use It:

  • First, clean your skin with a toner in order to clear up your skin texture
  • Apply the 1st STEP and make sure that you massage the affected area in order to ensure the proper absorption
  • Apply the 2nd STEP
  • After 20 to 25 minutes, remove the mask, and continue with the massage
  • Apply the final 3rd STEP
  • Please be aware that your skin type can determine time and efficiency of absorption

About IBO Brand:

  • Highly specialized for the skin regeneration requirements
  • Proven results with hospitals and medical research institutions
  • Ensures quick and productive skin recovery after laser and other skin treatments
  • Intensive care for damaged skin, which requires anti-aging and moisture deprivation treatment
  • Restores positive and optimal PH balance


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