I:bo all in one 3step repair solution

This is an all comprehensive formula which is very fast, effective and easy to use and really works for the regeneration of skin using the one all in one 3step repair solution. So many skincare products have emerged in the market today and knowing a thing or two about them can be really helpful in making the right decision.  Innovative skin care has come about to help people with all sorts of issues that they may be having with their skins today.

The three step composition of I:bo

The first step: the greatly concentrated regenerated ampoule 1.5g. This is a fast repairing ampule that makes the I:bo first step in the repair of skin. This is responsible for many activities. They include:

  • The setting of the pH balance into a favourable one. This is an important step in the 3 step repair solution.
  • Improving the tone and skin texture. These assists in making the skin look vibrant and young. With this step, the skin is bound to look fresh and healthy.
  • Illuminating effect. This is something that is achieved almost immediately.

The thing that makes this a very important step in skincare is the fact that it will deal with a pH balance that is distorted and brings it back to normal. This step also cares for any damaged skin in a very effective and quick manner. This allows you skin to go back to a healthy state and this will be very vivid.

Second step: mask sheet containing whitening and regeneration function essence 30g. facial masks are quite common today and they are sometimes used unassisted at home. This is a mask sheet that aims at the repair of skin and the whitening of the same giving you an even skin tone. It is aimed at:

  • Giving a whitening effect
  • Giving an anti-aging effect
  • Moisturizing
  • Waste emission

This is a fibre mask which is superfine which is soaked into the whitening and the wrinkle improving ampoule which is usually 30g. this supplies all the energy that your skin may be in need of. It also emits all sorts of skin wastes and also supplies nutrition and moisture to take care of the skin. It is able to care for the inelastic, dry and dull skin so as to help it gain elasticity and become clear.

The third step: 1.5 regeneration cream. This is the cream used to finalize the repair that has been done. It offers:

  • Supply of nutrition
  • Moisturizing on a 24 hour basis
  • Development of a protective layer for the skin
  • Strengthening of the elasticity of skin

The repair cream that is used in the third step is used for the continuous nutrition supply for the skin as well as the maintenance of the moisture that is within the skin. It is able to create an outer barrier for the skin and preserve its elasticity. With the sufficient nutrition available to the skin, the texture is smooth and the tone clear. This allows you to end up with flawless skin.

This product is available at skin18.com and you can expect some of the most amazing results after using it.



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