Let me tell the story of my wonderful flawless kin that you can call a magic done by effective Korean Laffair Mela-tox mask for skin whitening and moisturizing home facial mask. This has really made me adore Korean products and specially the masks!

In April 2015, I had an enchanted experience with my favorite Korean masks which really changed my look. My face was really darkish, dry and unhealthy. Now it has changed to an awesome, glowing, fair and healthy face. I am young and besides my fun and enjoyment at this age i really care about how I really care for how I look especially at the parties.

My college had announced a year-end prom party that was going to be held soon but the problem I faced was that, it is really hot and after applying the daily face washes my skin got oily and severely dark. I was really worried about how i would shine at the party. I had long talks with my best at lunchtime and I had everything planned for the special day but the only thing I worried about was my look and face.

I discuss it with one of my aunt and she told me about her experience with Korean skin care products and suggested me to use them. I had used Korean products such as BB creams, serums and toners before and as i remember they did work and I got some fresh changes so i decided to go on with the mask.

I applied it every week that month and truly, I noticed some dynamic changes. My face became whiter and fresher even in those long sunny days. I used the home mask for 4 weeks. After watching these changes I often compared my old pictures and my prom pictures which showed a massive beauty changed which to my surprise was stated in my horoscope of that month. WOAH!

The cause of this beauty revolution was the mixture of glycerin and water that made my skin softer and hydrogenated castor oil that made my skin smooth and white. Now i am in love with these products and i am having no more fear about applying innovative Korean products. Korean products are usually made up of natural ingredients, so, no more fear about harmful results. The procedure of applying this mask involves washing your face and applying the sheet of the mask for 10-20 minutes and when the natural ingredients are completely absorbed in your skin then don't forget to massage for the absorption of the reaming substances to have a glowing magical flawless skin

I became a regular subscriber of these Korean skin care products and routinely I am trying their every other products. Some Renewing Whitening and Anti-wrinkle Ample Set is amazingly worth and fortunately there is a big discount festival of Korean brands in the city and I got my favorite Korean  Laffair Melal tox mask for skin whitening and moisturizing for just$ 2.4 a pouch. Isn’t it amazing?

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