What so special about Facial Mask Sheet?

Step into any skincare product shop today and you will find any stores of shelves lined up with facial masks. These masks are pitched at the young who are applying them for instant beauty.   They are not to be confused with traditional masks which need a longer time for preparation and application. 

Fiber mask

Insoluble collagen fiber entangles to formulate a fabric which is coarse paper applied on the face as collagen fiber sheet masks these satin padre free from added chemicals and colorings .  These completely odorless masks have to be moisturized before applying, the miniaturization they acquire a gel state ton apply on you face fake skin.

  • Do not tear
  • Do not shrink
  • It enhance the moisturizing effect via skin contact
  • Stimulate the facial blood circulation for fresh glow.
  • Provides Audacity Tithe skin.
  • Inexpensive.

Hydrogen facial sheet mask

The transdermal technology creates the hydrogen facial sheet masks by incorporating natural ingredients and hydroid acid infuse water as hydrogel material these natural ingredients are extracts of seeds vegetable and fruits these’re prepared to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Nourish with added nutrients
  • Moisturize with wrinkle care
  • Eliminate aging signs
  • Applied like a patch and is alcohol and oil free.
  • The fabric is pane to tearing.

Bio cellulose masks

The micro size bio cellulose is aerofriendly natural fiber it is biodegradable alternate to fiber acedodacter xylene bacteria the tiny wears works to convert organic substances into cellulose tapes these tapes are intertwined into thin fabric.

  • The affinity for water marks is best for use.
  • The sterile nontoxic organic element is strong
  • Not subject to dry out after application
  • Provides skin light dermal adhesion
  • Provides in solution to the skin
  • Promptsabsorption for the ingredients
  • They have started as a therapeutic agent in burns and wands.

The customizable option to make your own day facial mask:

the cotton sheets are dipped in liquid containing essential oils like aloe red ginger snail slime what you have to do is dip your cotton sheets into this serum and expense make these cotton sheets sit on your face they help prevent the evaporation of essential oils when applied directly this compressed facial mask sheet give you compressibility and flexibility .

Soak the gauze with toning water and mix your essence with the tenner you apply in clean dish marinate your mask with your mask with their above stated mixture laid mask on your face.

  • Economical
  • Penetrates the cosmetic on your skin
  • Perfect fix
  • Hydrate your face
  • Nourish your face
  • Don’t apply for too long  
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