Remember the days you dreamed of applying your favorite natural face pack to cleanse and nourish your skin, to smooth the worrisome wrinkles and tied lines? To relax and let the nutrients gently seep into the pores of the skin? Sadly for many, the face pack ritual remains a fond dream. In the hectic pace of life, it is hard to fit in a beauty routine… But, take heart! With the arrival of rejuvenating Korean face mask sheets from the well-loved cosmetics giant, Skin18, that dream has become reality.

It is an established fact that Korean skincare products rule the roost in the arena of skincare and beauty innovations. Using all the information and expertise acquired over centuries, Koreans have formulated magical solutions to treat and nourish all types of skin. The sheet mask is an excellent example of Korean ingenuity. They have become the most popular form of daily skin care routine.

Sheet masks are made of a thin sheet of cotton that is soaked in a liquid form of natural ingredient. They come in a variety of formulations to help moisturize, lift, relax, or rejuvenate the skin. Hydration is the most salient feature of the sheet mask. Putting on the sheet mask for a period of time will certainly improve the water content in the skin. Since the mask adheres to the skin, loss of water due to evaporation is minimized. Skin18 boasts of a complete range of sheet masks that come in well packed, portable pouches.

Using these sheet masks is really child's play. You don't even have to wash your hands to get started. Begin with your forehead, then pat the mask around your eyes, mold it along the cheeks, and lastly, move towards your chin. Since the sheets are slick and sheer, it would be best to lie down and let the goodness of the natural ingredients work their magic on your skin. After the recommended time, you can simply peel the mask off. There is no need to wash your face as the essence left on your face can continue to act as a moisturizer!

Traditional clay mask is likely to dry out your skin!! but the sheet masks of Skin18 are doused, not only with a serum- based hydrating formula, but are charged with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Korean face sheet masks are available in mind -boggling variety. You may choose from any of SOC's Intensive care mask, Horse oil complex Intensive care mask, Aloe soothing Intensive care mask, or the Tea tree Relax intensive face mask.

Prospects of slowing aging process of skin  and reducing fine lines and wrinkles has been the main purpose of preferring Korean skin care products, and face sheet masks. If you are busy and find no time to spare during the daytime, there are the convenient Skins18 Sleep masks and Wrinkle minus masks to nourish and hydrate your skin as you take the proverbial 'beauty sleep'! Rejuvenating and soothing sheet masks with nature-kissed ingredients like Tomato, Aloe, Lemon, Rice, Ginseng, Avocado, and Red wine are available.

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