For most people, facial masks aren’t an everyday thing. They are however very jet in the treatment of your skin. It is always so nice to be in a SPA enjoying a nice facial but today, it is possible to get the very same benefits at the comfort of your home. You should be aware of the right product to go for and there is a lot to choose from at skin18.

There are so many facial masks available today and you can buy them in different forms. They can be bottled, in sheet form or you may choose to mix them all by yourself. Different masks served different purposes. Facial maskscan provide that boost that your skin really needs.

What are they?

They are sort of topical skin care that provides some additional benefit to your face. There are masks that are meant to hydrate while others are used for purification making them good exfoliators and take out all sorts of impurities that exfoliators are unable to reach. It is important to know that overuse of the masks isn’t too good.

Traditional masks-clay masks

When we talk of facial masks, the thing we think about is the clay and mud masks. Clay masks are a lot of fun especially with their application and are an incredible inclusion in the skin care routine because they have cleansing and purifying capabilities.

This is one of the techniques from Korea and it has become something that people have become accustomed to. When the clay dries, it is able to draw out all sorts of impurities from the pores and they come to the surface. This helps in clearing the pores, reducing the blackheads and whiteheads.

Moisture masks for dry skin

These are meant to offer skin hydration. They give very soothing and cooling kind of benefits and most especially to the mature skin that is dry.

Exfoliating masks

There are masks that are specifically designed for exfoliation. The masks have fruit enzymes as well as many other exfoliating ingredients. They help slough away the dead skin cells. They are very effective on the skin.

Facial mask sheets

Sheet masks are used one time and they have to be wrapped individually and this is what makes them so convenient, very hygienic and quite easy to use. The normal facial masks can be messy and need to be rinsed off and this is what makes new facial mask sheets so superior over the old ones. The facial mask sheets can be used in all places.

The facial mask cling so close to the skin that it is able to soak in all the goodness.

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