Face is the most important part of an individual. It not only defines the characteristics of an individual, but also his/her age. Taking care of the face skin as one grows older is a very tough task. One may even look older than their real age because of a bad face skin tone filled with wrinkles. With this busy scheduled life style, people cannot spend or don’t want to spend a lot of time on their face skin. Our daily life routine and surrounding has also a major impact on our skin. All of this means the skin is more vulnerable to damage and thus resulting in wrinkles, fine lines. If proper care is not taken, it will dramatically worsen. Thus in-order to overcome this challenge, there is an extensive use of sleeping pack or mask now-a-days.

  • Sleeping Pack- Definition
Sleeping pack is nothing but a cream mask, which we apply on our face with a thin layer using a brush at night before going to sleep. It remains overnight and is washed off in the morning to get a fresh, firm and gorgeous skin.
  • Skin damage- Causes
Sun exposure is the major cause of premature aging and dying skin. The collagen production slows down and new cell growth decreases, resulting in thinner, sagging and wrinkling skin.

The sleeping packs are usually applied at night time. At Night time, the skin transmission (permeability) shows a higher rate. As the function of the skin remarkably declines at night time, the cells takes this advantage to repair itself. It infuses the benefits of key ingredients from the applied sleeping pack.

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