There are hundred, nay, thousands of facial masks to choose from on the market today – none can compare to those from ours because we use it, test it and share it! Our mission is to test every single products from focus group (group of people who test used them and send positive feedback) before we put it on shelf for selling.  We also have a big concern on ensuring all are nature based products and the latest trend for men and women globally.  Skin18 carries products for every skin type in every flavour and scent imaginable – over hundreds to select from and more are coming! Not only that, but they carry one of the largest varieties of new facial mask sheets – basically peel, stick, peel off! These soothing gel-like sheets leave your skin baby-soft, radiant and glowing.

Traditional mask for oily skin usually involve clay, for dry skin-moisture masks and for dull skin-exfoliating masks. One of the best products that can change your whole skin cycle which gives you a brand new look is the Lomi Lomi 7-Day Scheduler– a different fruit flavour for each day for the entire week.

The 7 day pack includes Aloe, Ginkgo, Grape, Cucumber, Acerola, Pomegranate and Jasmine: Pick your flavour of the day; these sheets provide excellent adhesion. Saturated with nature-based ingredients, this mask will not only clean the skin, but will block toxins and moisturize, all in one step. Your skin never looked or felt so good!

Not interested in the 7-day package? No problem!  Check out some of these other gel-sheet masks:


We carry masks for brightening, whitening, soothing, collagen plus masks, smart laser masks and much, much more.  Gel-like mask are thin and provide excellent adhesion to draw out the pollutants and residue from every pore on your face.

While some people are reserved about using skin masks, we has made it easy for both men and women to use masks on a regular basis without the fuss and hassle of creams and applicators.

Check out our wide selection and have Mask-erade Party!  Or try some of Sleep skin masks and wake up with a vibrant, refreshed skin! Your skin will have a natural glow and feel clean right down to the pores.


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