Skincare in Korea has a process of its own – it is elaborate, multi-stepped and comes with it perks and details. The sheet mask is an integral part of this routine – it is a twice-a-week ritual that makes your skin appear luscious and much brighter because of all the moisture that it absorbed from the face mask.

What is a Face Mask and what does it contain?

Indigenous to Korea, but now used globally, the face mask is a wet and papery drape over your face that is rich in collagen, avocado extracts, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. These cloth masks, with holes for your eyes and mouth, are meant one-time use.

What is the reason behind its appeal?

The Korean face masks comes with its variety of perks which include:

  • As a brightening agent: Sheet masks are a quick solution to this woe where your skin feels dull and exhausted. The vitamin C in the mask, usually in the form of citrus extracts, can make your glow radiantly. They come with the benefits of hyper pigmentation and dark spots giving you that gorgeous even tone.
  • For Adding Firmness to your skin: Collagen infused products into your skincare regime is a great way to do just that. Collagen, the most abundant protein in the animal world, is vital for skin elasticity and constant renewal of skin cells.
  • For Hydrating the Skin: Face masks force your skin to absorb moisture and nutrients giving it a plump and wholesome appearance. It freshens up your skin and prevents it from drying because of the presence of hyaluronic acid. Not only does it deliver water to the skin, but it holds it there and stays near the surface for a long time.
  • For Purification: Ingredients like seaweed, star fruit, lavender, tea tree and witch hazel, contains tons of anti-oxidants that help your skin to breathe.
  • For its anti-ageing properties: Vitamin E – laden face-masks do just that. And who doesn’t crave for a young and glowing skin?

    What skin-type are they meant for?

    This South Korean beauty product is well suited for any skin type because of the variety of ingredients it comes infused with. The tea tree ones are specially designed for oily or acne prone skin, while the honey ones are meant for dry skin. Aloe Vera ones finds their usage on sensitive skin.

    Mostly used at night, they are best used after the exfoliator and before the toner.

    Different types of Face Mask Sheet:

    SMELL & INGREDIENT – Vitamin, Tomato, Syn-Ake, Snail, Raspberry, Red Ginseng, Potato, Pomegranate,Pearl, Bean, Marine Algae, Lemon, Kiwi, Herb, Green Tea, Cucumber, CoenzymeQ10, Collagen, CerealAroma, Aloe, Cucumber, Honey, Avocade, Acai Berry, Blue Berry, Tomato, Jelly, Oliver, Green Gram, Grain,Bamboo, Gold, Rice,  …etc

    MATERIAL / SHAPES  – Hydro-gel mask sheet, Cotton mask sheet, Cellulose mask sheet3D masks, 4D masks

    COLORS – White (Original), Black, , Transparency, Animal printing, Fancy Pattern,

    BY FUNCTIONAnti-wrinkle, Whitening, Soothing, Moisture, Pore, Aqua, Nourishing


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