Once you start, you cannot stop - here is my experience on Get addicted to Korean Face Mask Sheets  Before i start Korean Cosmetic, i do not have an attachment with doing "Masks" at home at all, after i open my eye for their products, i realized only this type of skincare can have so many different choices in terms of function, ingredients, shapes, pattern and JOY!!
The reason why sheet mask has so much choices is that there is a general believes in Korea - everyone NEEDS it.  The 20 to 30 minutes of mask process, a very intensive moisture/nutrition/ingredients absorbing process, is NECESSARY on every Korean's eye.
As i had mentioned many times - believe it or not - TRY IT and YOU WILL GET ADDICTED from the result.  The most enjoyable process is to peel off a mask after the process and looking at yourself in the mirror with the moisturized skin - many times with miracle result also.  This 30 minutes cost me ONLY from US$1 to US$10, this surely depending on how much i have in my pocket during the time.
In General, there are so many different types (Will definitely keep this list updated from time to time after discovery!):

SMELL & INGREDIENT – Vitamin, Tomato, Syn-Ake, Snail, Raspberry, Red Ginseng, Potato, Pomegranate,Pearl, Bean, Marine Algae, Lemon, Kiwi, Herb, Green Tea, Cucumber, CoenzymeQ10, Collagen, CerealAroma, Aloe, Cucumber, Honey, Avocade, Acai Berry, Blue Berry, Tomato, Jelly, Oliver, Green Gram, Grain,Bamboo, Gold, Rice,  …etc

MATERIAL / SHAPES  – Hydro-gel mask sheet, Cotton mask sheet, Cellulose mask sheet3D masks, 4D masks

COLORS – White (Original), Black, , Transparency, Animal printing, Fancy Pattern,

BY FUNCTIONAnti-wrinkle, Whitening, Soothing, Moisture, Pore, Aqua, Nourishing

I would like to introduce some very special kinds that once surprised me which should give you a big surprise also once you try it, just by playing with all those different types of mask is really fun!!

3D Masks

3D mask means a mask sheet that is not flat like paper but it was cut and paste into a 3D face shape that supposedly can fit the shape of your face better.  For me, I do think it's a little better as your mask sheet do attach to your face more by its 3D shape; but then honestly, the moist on all other mask sheet can ensure the mask attachment which is not supposed to be a worry, so this is more like a selling gimmick.
food-scmask001h food-scmask001g food-scmask001f20150606a

4D Masks

When i first heard of the word "4D mask", i really wonder how can it gives me a 4D feeling? Then i found out that it is a mask that has ear hanging holes to tighten it to your ears so that it will not fall off - very creative.

Suggested products: Foodaholic 4D Skinny Fit Essence Mask

Animal Masks (THIS IS SO FUN)

You will surely have a lot of fun while putting on this mask because you will look like a sheep, monkey, panda or tiger during the mask process.

Suggested Products: L’affair Animal Mask (Tiger, Panda, Monkey, Goat), Royal Skin The Animalian Mask (Fox, Panda, Sheep, Tiger), Xilix Animal Mask Sheet (Tiger, Fox, Panda, Seal)

Hydro-gel Masks 

I personally like the texture of hydrogel mask more than a cotton mask, but swapping between two kinds became my routine now.
misk-scmask001d  holi-scmask004d etu-scmask021f
Suggested Products: Holika Holika Pig-Collagen Jelly Gel Mask Sheet, beaubeaute hydrogel essence beauty facial maskMISKIN Diaforce Gold & Diamond Hydro-Gel Eye Patch / MaskTonyMoly Timeless Ferment Snail Gel Mask, Foodaholic Hydrogel Mask (Collagen, Gold, Pearl, Vita)Etude House Skin Note! Deep Moisturizing HydrogelNature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask

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  food-scmask016 food-scmask013 food-scmask015  food-scmask006 

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