A talk about 2 steps home facial Mask

A talk about 2 steps home facial Mask

Who needs a Botox when you have a variety of home facial mask? Though you may have experienced several procedures of facial yet experiencing 2-step home facial mask of skin18 is the one that will make you forget all the past experiences.

Skin18 is a virtual store dedicated to Korean cosmetics with a huge selection of brands at very reasonable prices. The mission of skin18 is to bring you the products that will make you look 18 forever. The skincare products feed natural ingredients as well as nutrition to the skin while makeup is being considered as a coverage. You will find a large collection of products from cleansers to face wash, toner, serum, ampoule, essence, eye treatment, mask sheets, lotions, moisturizersmist, sunblock, bb / cc creams, and many more. 

Among all, sheet mask is considered to be the easiest home facial.  After finding out how easy it is to do a sheet mask at home, there are another invention: 2-step home facial masks.  So what is 2-step? Why 2-step?

With 2-step home facial masks, the package usually comes with two steps.  They are usually comes with first step to "prepare" your face for the next sheet mask process, or first step to sheet mask and then "finish" the home facial with a special "night cream".  Reason for this is to put everything into one package so that the home facial can be traveling with you even when you are not at home.

For sure there are also 3-steps process which work just like how it does for 2-step.  There is a wide variety of facial masks available at 2-step and here are some examples:

Laffair Series - Laffair My Seven Day Story series has many 2 step masks to choose from and they all comes with a special cleanser before the mask:

Medius Ampoule Synergy Mask (2 - step) - There are mainly 2 steps for this masks -> Step1 with boosting essence pad and Step2 with a high fitting mask sheet.  The packaging contains a total of 33mml essence and it is a sufficient amount to pad onto your skin even after mask process. The formulation includes Micro- hyaluronic acid and is dermatologically tested.



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