Wash off Mask VS Sheet Masks

Wash off Mask VS Sheet Masks

Wash off masks and the sheet masks

Sheet masks have infiltrated the market and most of them are Asian brands. There are also some European and western brands that have also emerged so as to satisfy the ever growing market

About Sheet masks

These are masks that many people are very familiar with. They are thick cloth or paper masks that are cut in the shape of a face and they have holes meant for the mouth, the nose and the eyes. The masks are soaked on essence and the sealed   within a foil to be use only one time.

Sheet masks target two main skincare concerns and that is whitening and hydrating. The sheet masks need to be placed on the face for around 15 minutes. The effect of the essence that is within the mask cools down the skin when the two come into contact. This draws out heat. This effect can actually be enhanced by placing the mask in the fridge. The use of such masks reduces or prevents pigmentation.

When you leave the mask on the skin for some 15 minutes, the skin gets time to really cool down and therefore pores close up and appear smaller. Leaving it one for some minutes allows the skin to absorb the essence within the mask and this can have great effects on the whitening and hydrating aspects of the product. Sheet masks are very convenient as they are easy to apply. You can use a moisturizer after you remove the masks. Sheet masks have become very popular with the travellers.

Wash off masks

Unlike the sheet masks, the wash off masks requires you to wash them of after use. Masks are very important for all and choosing the best is something that has to be thought out carefully.

One thing with the wash off masks is the fact that they give a much deeper cleanse than the sheet masks. They also exfoliate better. However, they take a lot of time in their preparation and application and may not be convenient for some. Also, after use, you will have to take some ample time to actually clean them off.

Women have been using natural facial masks for a long time so as to achieve that fair and smooth skin. Homemade pack was quite common and basic ingredients were used for the best results. Today, we have facial gels and mixtures that women can be able to use.

You can buy a face mask after identifying the skin type you have. The face masks aren’t restricted the face only, unlike sheet masks. The wash off masks can be applied even to the hands, the shoulders and also the neck. So as to get skin that is healthy and flawless, you need to have a very regular skin care regime.

Some of the most popular wash off masks includes mud facemask, radiance facemask, and many others. They come with different ingredients and combinations.

At skin18.com, there is a wide selection of wash off and sheet masks that you can choose from. It is important to browse through all the categories so as to find that ultimate product that you are looking for.


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