What Are Essential Oils?

You've most definitely heard about the term Essential oils, but do you know what they are? Here is what you need to know about Essential oils before you join the Skin18 community. 

What are Essential oils?

Essential oils are a common ingredient in beauty, health, and household products. Peoples use them commonly through inhalation or topical application depending on the purposes.  It is highly concentrated liquids taken from the specific plant's parts like flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, and other components. The process of concentration done in various ways.

Features of Young Living essential oils

The distinctive features of Young Living's 100% pure, natural, high-quality essential oils are :

  • High permeability - After applying to the skin, oils reach the epidermis level in 3 seconds, another 6 seconds to the dermis. It takes around 3 minutes to get into the subcutaneous tissue, then 6 minutes enter the blood, follow up with the blood flow for systemic circulation.
  • Exudation (Discharge) - It absorbs by the lymph glands and transmitted through the blood to various parts of the body. To the body, it exudes with breathing, sweating, and excretion.
  • Skincare - Oils can help the skin from inside out. It can benefit from the health of the mind extends to the beauty of the body.

* Due to high concentration, some essential oils may cause skin irritation, so it should be diluted first.

There are too many kinds of essential oils out there!

These oils are available in many stores in different locations worldwide, with many kinds to choose from: from highest to lowest quality, from most expensive to cheapest in the market. Even though they are already a common thing in the public, but not all people know the correct way to use them. Essential oils can be a bit tricky if you don't know how to use it.

Skin18 has always been interested in healthcare and skincare benefits. Based on 3 years of research, investigation, factory visits, testing, and quality control, we finally decided to move from Korean skincare to collaborate with Young Living because of their historical development, highest quality control, and excellent compensation plans.  Young Living and Skin18 hold the same company's goal – we test, use, and share through education. 

Some commercial products out there might dilute Essential oils with different filter and vegetable glycerine, which completely degrades the effectiveness. We recommend you to start from the original - essential oil - and mix it yourself for a organic healthy life.  Young Living's products carry the highest quality in the market, which is why we choose this brand. 

In fact, there are also many good oils in the market except Young Living essential oils, remember to learn the historial background of the company and read more information before applying directly to the body.


Essential oils Education is important

Before Essential oils education, you need to understand what they are.  Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids taken from the specific plant's parts like flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, and other components. The process of concentration done in various ways.

  • Distillation Process: Usually, the oils extracted through the distillation process. The producer will use the pressurized steam system to evaporate the oils; then they have the device to capture the oil and steam to turn them into liquid.
  • Solvent Extraction process: Besides distillation, there is another method called solvents. The producer will use the solvent residue that can add to perfumes or diffusers. The oils are usually available for inhalation. These are not prevalent for topical use.
  • Carbon Dioxide extraction: Then, there is the third method called carbon dioxide extraction.  This process creates phase changes in carbon dioxide utilizing temperature and pressure.
  • Cold-pressed extraction methods: The last method is cold-pressed methods. In this case, the Essential oils are coming from the ground fruit. Peoples are still using this method for a more natural result.

Essential oils are condensed and consistent. You can refrigerate these oils if you are planning to use it in the future. However, you need to know that Essential oils have a different shelf life. Some oils will lose their effects in months. Some oils can cater to your needs for years.

Enhance your knowledge!

If you plan to use the Essential oils, it is necessary to understand these are wellness alternatives. That means you need to have ample knowledge and skill to use them. When misused, these oils can lead to side effects. For instance, some oils can make the skin burn or red.

Each essential oil acts differently on each individual, so a test and trail on using oils to customize an individual recipe is a key to success. 

(IMPORTANT) Essential Oil Dilution Chart & Guideline


The misconception that you need to avoid is that the users can use the Essential oils without diluting them in advance. No Essential oils are prevalent for direct application to the skin. It is necessary to read the label of the original oil products when you shop around. Stick to the well-developed branded essential oils like Young Living for the safer measure. With the right method, you can safely use essential oils for healthcare and skincare. Read the (IMPORTANT) Essential Oil Dilution Chart & Guideline

So what is the best part of Essential oils? They are the seed for many DIY (do-it-yourself) homemade products on healthcare and skincare. 

Introduction to Aromatherapy & aroma guide

Learn Aromatherapy

Learn what aromatherapy is before applying.  Millions of people are using essential oils for their wellness, such as aromatherapy, spa and relaxation experience.  Skin18 aromatherapists shared 100+ most commonly used fragrances for you to start with. Before you start using essential oil, it is important to read this post - Introduction to Aromatherapy & Aroma guide

In addition to the high-quality fragrance expansion formula, the diffuser's proper use and maintenance are also crucial. The diffuser operates by conducting electricity through mineral molecules in water. If water does not contain enough mineral molecules, it does not recommend diffusing essential oil in the diffuser.  

So, what exactly is aromatherapy?  It means methods on using essential for a healthy life.  There are 12 methods: diffusion, candles warmer, direct inhalation, aroma spray, steam inhalation, baths, dilution then apply to the body, making lotions to apply, reed diffuser, body massage, scent candles and dried flowers

Homemade DIY Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream with Essential Oil

How about DIY products? 

Do you realize how many products are you using at home that contains chemicals that is harmful to our body? Many people might think that it is easier to buy products from the store than making it at home; it is not the case.  To make it easier to understand, let's set an example for comparison - mixing DIY products just like cooking at home. Therefore, it depends if you are the person who wants to buy "take away" (commercial products) or "cook at home" (DIY at home). When you cook at home, any ingredient harmful to the body will be avoided. When you get a takeaway from a restaurant, they might put a lot of "yummy" ingredients that will dehydrate the body after the yummy taste.

DIY Homemade products includes but not limited to perfume, air freshener spray, pain relief products, skincare products (face mask, face cleanser, serum, lotion, cream, lip care), hair care, soap, household cleanser, disinfectants, insect repellent, etc

DIY homemade products might seem impossible or difficult to learn; this is why Skin18 provides education to users/bloggers/partners.

The process might take more time then buying a ready-made item from the beauty store. The pros are more than cons includes how products are 100% organic, natural with healing power, and personalized scent with custom-made shape/ingredient.


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