Essential oils for stress management

Stress mostly comes from pressure in life, and it is an emotional feeling with physical tension. It is an invisible, hidden frustration that challenges the nervous system, which sometimes leads to anger. When people claim that they are having a bad day, that is because of the anxiety created from a stressful condition that is unavoidable in life. 

What causes stress?

Stress usually comes from a personal feeling, opinion, or belief, which leads to a sense of anger, aggressiveness, and anxiety. The acceptance of reality can also be challenging for emotional signs of stress. As a human being at any age, many things are happening in life out of our control or comfort zone. When this happens, the emotional impact of stress will occur. This chronic stress can lead to mood disorders, a symptom of depression, and anxiety. 

Essential oils for stress management

Why is stress management critical?

Learning proper stress management skills is not an easy task but essential to maintain a comfortable and enjoyable life. Some purposes of stress management are happiness, healthiness, and productiveness in life. It is crucial to keep a balanced life between work, family, social life, friendship, relationship, relaxation, and entertainment.  

Lack of concentration or focus

Concentration and memory go hand in hand. With the aid of aromatic essential oils, attention can cultivate. After maintaining good focus, the mind will also improve, do things more with less effort.

There are ways to get focus and eliminate distraction for calming the emotion: brain clarity and reset, rest for a while (20mins), take a short break, drink some coffee, listen to relaxing music, draw some doodles, etc.  Most importantly, aromatherapy, such as essential oil massage or diffusing diffusing the proper proportion of diluted essential oils, would help.

Can essential oil help with stress?

Using essential oils properly can enable an individual to keep a positive mindset and decisive action from time to time. The sense of smell allows a person to enhance awareness and mobility and bring the overall balance. Some simple techniques will be receiving a relaxing aromatherapy massage or spa. 

Essential oils for stress management

An important term to learn: what are Endorphins?

Endorphins are one of the so-called happiness hormones. Endorphins consist of a large group of peptides produced by the central nervous system that will release when stress and pain occur. Endorphins can act as receptors in the brain to reduce pain perception, trigger a positive feeling, and boost pleasure for a sense of wellbeing. Aroma can help to stimulate the happy hormone for uplifting purposes, sometime we might feel that we are always the victim for having bad days, in fact, an optimistic person will never think this way and able to turn stress into a happy thoughts. 

The basic of stress management

If you feel stress, cure the root before it gets up to become a mental disorder that might affect a lifelong period. Combine the following methods with essential oil techniques to enhance the result.  There are some simple tips to manage stress:

  • Take a walk - take a step out of the situation for a 5-10 minute walk; this can help to the release of the body chemical endorphins.  
  • Mindfulness meditation - is a powerful mental practice for wellbeing. When practicing mindfulness, the thoughts in mind will set awareness of where we are and what we are doing. An easy step to start is to close your eyes and focus on your breathing for 1-2 minutes 
  • Physical Exercise - Exercising can stimulate the body to release the chemical endorphins. It can trigger a positive feeling in the body, improve the mood, and regulate emotions.
  • Release the emotions - is a technique that draws into the subconscious and grants to clear emotions from the deep to experience love and happiness. It is also a good method for removing negative emotions that trapped in the body. Some simple techniques will be receiving a relaxing aromatherapy massage or spa. 



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