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Essential Oil 101 - Frankincense

 Essential Oil 101 - Frankincense

Frankincense is one of the most popular essential oils that is extracted as resin from Boswellia tree. Perfume has a long history until people can find it in the department store. For some folks, Frankincense is less famous than Lavender.

However, more and more people are finding the essential benefits that the Frankincense essential oils can provide.

The Frankincense related products are prevalent for altering skin problems like burns, dry skin, redness, wrinkles, scars, wounds, etc. Many studies have also shown that the Frankincense oil can treat some severe conditions including arthritis, depression, anxiety, and even cancer.

Many people have been relying on Frankincense because it offers a bunch of health benefits. In many rehab clinics, Frankincense is used as the primary treatment to help the patients to relieve symptoms of stress, depression, as well as anxiety.

The practitioners and clinics often suggest Frankincense as the most effective natural remedy for mental issues, especially depression and anxiety. However, the benefits don’t stop there. The doctors and health experts can see the future of Frankincense in overcoming the skin cancer. When used topically, the Frankincense can eliminate some portions of cancer cells.

It is also known as the old substance because it has been used for over 5000 years. The most significant use of Frankincense was in the religious premises that related to Jesus. Amongst the Abrahamic religions, Roman Catholic Churches are still burning Frankincense for the sacred rites. 

The Frankincense resin is also edible. You will find a lot of traditional medicine recipes that include Frankincense as the main ingredient. The Ayurvedic mentions the Frankincense many times in its Ayurvedic literature. The Indian locals have been using the Frankincense in the Ayurvedic niche for centuries. It is called as Dhoop in India. They use dhoop mainly for healing wounds, improving the hormonal system, and repelling mosquitoes.

Ancient Egypt also had such close relations with this substance. Egyptians used it for face mask back then. It was also used as the eyeliner because of its aesthetical benefits. At that time, the Egyptians would char the plant first then applying on their face. 

The Frankincense essential oils has been the natural medicine and aromatherapy. Folks usually mix it with the other oils to procure more enjoyable therapy. Since you could also diffuse it, you will find a lot of Frankincense essential oils products in the market. It can alter some respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis. You can also use the Frankincense just like when you do in incense application.


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