DIY Homemade Vitamin E Skin Essence with Essential Oil

Vitamin E is an essential element for skin.  It helps rejuvenating and moisturising skin.  It can also reduce the speed of skin ageing.

With essential oil, you can make your own natural scented skin essence according to your skin type.


vitamin E skin essence


  1. Sanitize all containers and tools.
  2. Add vegetable oil or V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex.
  3. Add Vitamin E and essential oil.  Stir gently.
  4. Pour into container.
  5. Done.

Choice of Essential Oil

  • Neroli: enhance cell viability, calming and moisturising (suitable for dry and sensitive skin).
  • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood: suitable for mature and dry skin.
  • Frankincense: strengthen cell viability, skin firming, pores refining and improve sagging skin.
  • Helichrysum: promote cell rejuvenation, skin whitening and soothing.
  • Carrot Seed: maintain elasticity of skin.
  • Tea Tree: anti-inflammatory, balance skin oil (suitable for oily skin and acne skin).

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