DIY Homemade Night Serum Infused with Essential Oil

Watermelon seed oil is not a common carrier oil since supply is rare and not easy to get.  Its light texture is not oily but penetrating and absorbing without pore blockage.  It is also moisturising which promotes skin rejuvenation.  It is rich in fatty acid which dissolves excess skin sebum.  Watermelon seed can repair up to 25% of damage in skin DNA.  Watermelon seed is also anti-oxidant.

Ingredients of Night Serum

  • Glass Droppers
  • 50% of Argan Oil
  • 38% of Watermelon Seed Oil
  • 10% of Squalane
  • 1% of Vitamin E
  • 2% of Essential Oil

Night Serum with Essential Oil

Choice of Essential Oil

  • Neroli: enhance cell viability, calming and moisturising (suitable for dry and sensitive skin).
  • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood: suitable for mature and dry skin.
  • Frankincense: strengthen cell viability, skin firming, pores refining and improve sagging skin.
  • Helichrysum: promote cell rejuvenation, skin whitening and soothing.
  • Cistus: enhance skin elasticity and rejuvenation.


  1. Put Argan Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil, Squalane and Vitamin E into a glass dropper.
  2. Add essential oil and close the glass dropper cover.  Shake well.

*Put 3-4 drops on face or neck area after shower at night.

*Keep in cool & dark place
*Serve within 3 months

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