DIY Homemade mask recipe - Apple

We all have heard the saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"—many people eat apples for breakfast. Apples are rich in copper and Vitamin A & C. they contain skin-friendly nutrients. Vitamin C in apples helps restore the collagen substance of the skin. Collagen also helps cove wrinkles. The copper content in apples helps maintain melanin in the skin. Melanin helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. At last, Vitamin A aids in rebuilding damaged skin tissues by facilitating the growth of new cells. 

While making apple masks for the face, it is recommending to use a fresh, medium-sized apple. Apples that have been cut and stayed for a longer time tend to oxidize and form a brown tinge. 

Benefits of homemade apple mask: 

  • Vitamin C in apples is perfect for skin lightening. Hence those looking to have a fairer skin can use it. 
  • Apple pulp maintains skin PH. It also helps fight skin infections. 
  • Vitamin A & C present in apples help restore skin cells. 
  • Just like turmeric, apples help in the removal of blemishes and spots. 

DIY Homemade Apple mask recipes: 

DIY Homemade mask recipe - Apple

1. Boiled Apple Mask 

[ Ingredients ] All you need is a medium-sized apple. 

[ Procedure ]

  1. Slice the apple, boil the apple slices, and make pulp. 
  2. Cool it for approximately 20 minutes. 
  3. Apply it on your skin. 

Boiled apple mask brings a glow to your skin, making it smooth and fair. It is appropriate for people dealing with dry skin. 

2. Apple and Cucumber 

* Cucumber is packed with Vitamins and other nutrients that are vital to the health of your skin. Imagine mixing it with apples to make a mask for your skin! 

[ Ingredients ]

  • Grated apple
  • Cucumber 
  • A tablespoon vinegar 
  • Mint green pepper 

[ Procedure ]

  1. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a large bowl. 
  2. Apply it on your skin. 
  3. Massage in circles and rinse off. 
  4. This mask is best for dry skin. 

3. Apple mask for dry to normal skin (honey and apple) 

* If you are suffering from dry and dull skin, this is the best homemade mask ever. It is packed with natural moisturizers. All you need is honey, a natural moisturizer that hydrates, nourishes, and moisturizes your skin. As you may know, apple ad honey is used in most creams. 

[ Ingredients ]

  • Half-tablespoon honey 
  • One teaspoon of grated apple 
  • One drop of Manuka essential oil


[ Procedure ]

  1. Put the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. 
  2. Apply on the skin and massage for fifteen minutes. 
  3. Rinse off 
  4. This apple and honey mask is perfect for the dry skin and leaves your skin soft and smooth to the touch. 


Apples red and green are a great source of natural acids and vitamins. These elements aid in skin brightening and lightening. Regular skin scrubs using this homemade mask leaves you with softer, smooth, and fair skin. Apples have an exfoliating effect on our skin. When applied to the skin, they bring nourishment to our skin. Blending apples with honey or cucumber helps fight bacteria on our skin and is also soothing. Apple mask brings out a great natural transformation on our skin since no chemicals have been added. Apple is the best for skin treatment.

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