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[ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] Blogger Program

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[ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] would like to invite any bloggers / reviewers who want to win and review luxury bag and skin care products at the same time. Recruitment period from 1st of August until 1st of October 2016 (2 months), application and approval process is necessary for all PR samples. Recruitment will starts on 1st of August.

  • Participants need to go through an official approval process to join a competition for final prizes.
  • All approved participants will first receive a FREE skin care products package from Skin18.
    • Action #1: After receiving the FREE skin care package from Skin18, write a blog post / review on those items.
    • Action #2: Select one luxury bag from ItalyStation and write a blog post / review about the bag with your fashion sense.
    • Optional extra points: Share your review at Skin18.com ( read detail instruction on this link: http://skin18.com/writereview ), Share post and tag Italystation & Skin18 on all your social media channels.
  • Blogger Program will select three BEST blog posts as winners.
  • Winner's prizes (Gold, Silver, Bronze): Each winner will get sponsor gifts - ItalyStation will sponsor a luxury product; Skin18 will sponsor a luxury set of skin care products.

Requirement to enter as [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ] Blogger Program:

  1. You have to be a blogger and have your own blog page with at least 50 posts OR one year of blog posts experience.
  2. Host accounts on a minimum of 2 social media channels with over 1000+ followers/fans: Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Google+ / Instagram / Tumblr 
  3. If you do not have the above blog page / social media, create one and start collecting fans now.
  4. Your page / social media page's content has to be something related to fashion, luxury products, skincare, beauty, reviews, lifestyle, travel or similar to the above topics.
  5. Please DO NOT apply if you are not a blogger, do not own a blog page, unsure about your accurate shipping address, do not have 1000+ followers or do not want to follow Skin18's community.
  6. After accepting to the program, [ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] blogger team will send you a welcome email.

* If you do not meet one of the above requirements but very strong on the others, for example, have a strong blog but less active on social media,  [ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] will also consider your application.

What you need to do for application?

  • Send an request email to italystation@skin18.com.
  • Kindly include all your blog's link / all social media's link (not just the name but FULL WEBSITE LINK)  For example, instead of (instagram: skin18com), please send (http://www.instagram.com/skin18com)
  • Answer following questions:
    • May we know which country are you from and how old are you?
    • How long have you been being a blogger/reviewer?
    • Approximately how many followers do you have?
    • Do you know what is affiliate program? Have you done affiliation before?
  • [ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] Blogger's Team will review your request and send you a confirmation.  Since there are a lot of application and our manpower is limited at this moment for the Blogger's team, so please be patient with SKin18.  

What you need to do after approval?

 Terms and Condition for [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ] Blogger Program:

  • [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ] work with blogger as a group, it is possible to receive emails related to sharing news, updates from Skin18 from time to time.  
  • Reviewer/Blogger can terminate the approved membership at anytime by sending an email to italystation@skin18.com
  • Please try to post review within 4-8 weeks of time and share to the public, we do not want to give pressure so please try your best - our goal is to share and spread the news.  If reviews are not up within 8 weeks, there is a possibility for Skin18 to terminate the blogger's participation.
  • Please try to be responsible and write review as promised after receiving the free package, if [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ]  get no reply within a certain period of time, your email / blog links / social media links will be blacklisted.
  • [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ] reserves the rights to accept or deny any participant’s membership or reviews.
  • [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ] WILL NOT be responsible for any package lost, not deliver, incomplete address errors, custom inspection, tax, etc.  If accident happen, [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ]  will not send out a second package in those cases.
  • Reviewer Program Promotion is Skin18 promotion program managed and operated by [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ] .
  • Reviewer Program Promotion is open to individual aged 18 or above. [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ]  reserves the right to grant or refuse promotion at its sole and absolute discretion.  It is a possibility that [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ]  might require a copy of the ID for verification.
  • [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ] reserves the right to modify the rules, benefits and other features, including Terms and Conditions, or to terminate Reviewer Program at any time.
  • [ ItalyStation X Skin18 ] reserves all rights of final decision on the interpretation of these terms and conditions.


About [ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] Crossover Campaign

Skin18 runs with ISO 9001 (Project Quality Management) and ISO 14001; we are very concerned about quality and safety of all imported skin care products.  Skin18 always ensure all products are 100% guarantee safe to be used on skin with worldwide standard safety certificate such as KFDA, FDA, ISO, Laboratories Test Report, etc.  The same idea runs for ItalyStation, with many Replica vs Authentic luxury products out in the market, ItalyStation always make sure all products listed on the website are guaranteed with 100% authentic!  All luxury products are imported from Europe directly with careful inspection, authenticity Guarantee (no fake) official certificate (HKMA), and carried Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme.

Two brands carries the same quality guaranteed story which lead to the [ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] Crossover Campaign.

.  Read more about the program on this link: http://skin18.com/italystation

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