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It’s no real surprise that when it comes to beauty, there is a lot of hype around K-beauty and Korean skin care is getting a lot of attention around the world. K-beauty has become a buzz word these days. You know right how obsessed I am with Korean Skincare? I love their Sleep Masks, oil cleansers and brightening serums. If you look for Korean skincare products, you’ll find that most of them have a cute packaging.

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Mirum Collagen Real Natural Mask Pack

Mirium Fresh Fruit Honey Real Natural Mask Pack

XILIX Tiger Animal Wrinkle Mask

Skin Guardian Pore 3 Step Total Facial Mask

Foodaholic 3D Red Ginseng  Natural Essence Mask

Foodaholic 3D Cucumber Natural Essence Mask

Foodaholic 4D Protein Healing Bird Nest Mask

Lomi Lomi Jasmine 7 skin scheduler Sunday Healing Mask

Lomi Lomi Grape 7 skin scheduler Wednesday Whitening Mask

G&S Cosmetic Medicos-V Aqua Blue Water Bank Essential Mask

Four Season Collagen Lifting Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask (Anti-wrinkle Function)

Four Season Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask (Whitening Function)

Four Season Syn-ake Anti-Wrinkle Time Reset New Born Mask (Anti-wrinkle function)

i:b’o All in one 3 step repair solution

Foodaholic Hydrogel Mask Gold Energy

Foodaholic Hydrogel Mask Pearl Shining

Foodaholic Hydrogel Mask Collagen Lift Up


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