It is BB cream, it is NOT foundation!

BB cream, BB+CC+DD+EE cream -

It is BB cream, it is NOT foundation!


BB cream is often used as a substitute for foundation. This is because BB cream can serve as something that evens the skin tone, protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, serves as a moisturizer, gives a proper shade to the skin, and even serves well for acne prone skin. In fact, it can also treat skin with acne because of which it is a tad better than foundation. BB cream also serves as a skin whitening agent.

Effectively, BB cream is a comprehensive make up cream, and not much needs to be applied, especially since this cream is not oily. Because it is a single cream that performs several functions, many people love to use BB cream. One can also do any touch up faster with BB cream.

But the foundation has its advantages too. There are limitations in shades or tints in which BB cream is available. Greater perfection in make-up is possible with foundation. Effectively, with foundation and other routines before and after it, it is possible to look as if there is little or no make-up at all.

Such refinement is not possible with BB cream unless the skin color is very close to the tint of the cream. In fact, BB cream is not a suitable foundation alternative for those people whose skin color does not match easily with any of the three tints in which BB cream is usually available. If the makeup starts wearing out before too long, it is obvious that the person has used BB cream instead of foundation.

So in conclusion, BB cream can be a daily moisturizing protection to your skin as foundation can serve as an agency for necessary coverage in special occasion.  This does not mean the foundation is not good, only not for a daily usage.

Be good to your skin and use BB cream more often so that your face can breath and be moisturized for your daily life.

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