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Differences between BB+CC cream and BB+CC Cushion?

Differences between BB+CC cream and BB+CC Cushion?

BB cream actually originated from Korea. It is a multipurpose cream which acts as a foundation, moisturizer, and skin whitening agent, apart from the fact that it hides age and prevents damage to the skin by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. 

CC cream is also pretty much the same, but with an improved formula. The letters CC are short for “color corrective”.  Therefore, it harmonizes the skin tone, and corrects any patches, redness, or darkness that the BB cream formulation failed to do.

Although these creams are believed to be universal, the formulation differs between those available in Asia and those available in the West. The eastern BB cream, for example has a SPF rating of 50 unlike the western rating of 30. The tint in the CC cream is slightly more than in the BB cream. BB creams in general are available in two shades.  The BB cream from the US manufacturer is sheerer in comparison to the cream from Asia. CC cream in general reduces dullness even of skins without pores that are visible or skins that do not have any blemishes. They also reduce the dryness of such skins.

BB+CC cushions do not differ much in their formulations when compared to BB creams and CC creams. In fact, they are almost the same in most cases with slight variations for ensuring that they do not dry outside the tube. But these are available in compact form like the powders. A sponge inside the compact case is loaded with the cream and a puff made from polyurethane can be used to apply the formulation on the face.

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