The counter effect of too much concealer

The counter effect of too much concealer 

Concealers are applied after the foundation to hide any blemishes, fine lines, or dark circles around the eyes. Ladies often select a shade or two lighter than their foundation, as concealers will blend with the darkness of their skin and make it somewhat brighter. But the results are different.

Selecting the right concealer to match up the skin tone

Since the foundation is the primary tint giver to the face, the patchy difference between the foundation and regionally applied concealer becomes obvious. Instead, the concealer's shade should be as close to the foundation's tint as possible to appear as if the skin is of the same shade on the entire face. While selecting a concealer, it is necessary to choose an opaque, long-wearing, and smooth variety that spreads easily and blends effortlessly with the skin, and other makeup. 

The counter effect of too much concealer

Too much concealer = funny looking

At times, many people use more concealer fearing that the dark color would be obvious once some makeup wears off. Ladies also tend to apply more moisturizers so that more of the concealer stays in place, which is why for that creasy or cakey appearance once the moisturizer dries out. Layers of repeating moisturizer, foundation, and concealer result in a funny look. 

Suggested ways to apply concealer

Instead, concealers need to be set there with a very little moisturizer and finally pressed down with a bit of powder dab. When excessive concealer is applied, you can use a concealer brush to blend it in gently.

The ring finger can also be used to gently dab it in its place and gently spread it as gently. 

Using a sponge should be strictly avoided because it can create an uneven coloration on the face, which means using more makeup. The CC cream is also an excellent option to regulate concealer and utilized instead of concealer. Such cream also blends easily with other makeup.

Skin18 suggest - Avoid using concealer

You can easier look for some funny looking lady with too much concealer when searching on the web.

It is strongly suggested using eye treatment and eye cream are more often regularly than using concealer as an everyday routine. It includes eye cream two times daily and masks your eyes at least three times a week so that it can fade away wrinkles, lines at the same time let the thinnest skin around your eye area breathe more often.


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