Air Cushion BB cream with SPF50+ PA+++

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Air Cushion BB cream with SPF50+ PA+++

 Air Cushion BB cream with SPF50+ PA+++

Protect your skin with Air cushion BB cream with SPF50+ PA+++

Every woman wants to look her best. It gives her more confidence and makes her feel better about herself. This all begins with a clear, radiant flawless face. Many cosmetics are made in order to fulfill this desire. Some of them give good results, while others fail and may even cause damages to the skin. Only few products deliver amazing results. One of these products is Air cushion BB cream.

Roots of BB cream

BB cream was originally invented in the 1960s by a German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to protect her patients' skin after facial peels and surgery. BB is an abbreviation form that stands for blemish balm. Nowadays it is known in cosmetics market particularly the western markets as beauty balm. Since it was invented, many cosmetic companies used its formula and produced various brands of it. It was presented as a solution to all skin issues and replacement of various products like moisturizers, foundations and concealers. It became very popular among women who use foundation cream, as it covers all skin problems and gives women a shiny look.

What is air cushion BB cream?

After the sensational success of the air cushion foundation compacts, it was time for utilizing the advantages of regular bb cream into the air cushion technology. So now we have all the advantages of BB cream but in a compact form with the beloved cushion applicator. It is not easy to go out having regular BB cream in your purse, as the tube might open and the cream will leak or may be damaged. This won’t happen if you carry your cushion BB cream around.

Sun protection with cushion BB cream

To make it even more useful for the skin, many air cushion BB creams SPF within. This offers sun protection against sun burn or unwanted suntan. It also spares women the use of two products, so it is ok to go out without wearing sunscreen. Best sun protection is offered by air cushion BB creams with SPF50+ PA+++. These products give ultimate sun protection in a smooth and non sticky way.

Air Cushion BB cream with SPF50+ PA+++ covers efficiently all your skin needs. It cools and moisturizes your face. It also covers wrinkles and whitens your face. It offers you ultimate sun protection against Ultraviolet sun rays. It is good for all skin kind and won’t cause problems to your sensitive skin. It is easy to use all you need to do is press on the cushion with built-in puff and get the needed quantity, then apply it along your skin like a mice facial massage and finally enjoy the great  outcome.


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