Advantage of using BB cream as daily skin care and base of your makeup

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Advantage of using BB cream as daily skin care and base of your makeup

Advantage of using BB cream as daily skin care and base of your makeup

Advantages of using BB creams daily

The BB cream is a streamline beauty product which saves you money and space. It is a very hot trend in the world today and most especially the beauty industry. This is a very versatile product and it gives a great job with only a few jars which include moisturizer, foundation, concealer, skin treatment, sunscreen and primer. You need that perfectly formulated BB cream as soon as you wash the face

These creams began a while back and BB stands for blemish balm or beauty balms so as to project ones kin and give the desired coverage after one went through some laser treatments. This is a product which became quite popular in South Korea and it has been spreading for a long time since. This is an all ion one kind of formulation.

In Asia, women have what is popularly called the beauty regime where seven steps are applied in the caring of their skins. The BB cream can be used so as to actually shorten that regime in an incredible way

The BB creams can be able to do quite a lot. BB creams are able to offer very effective protection from the sun with the SPF broad spectrum 30 or even higher. This is a cream that is recommended for daily use. BB creams also come with titanium oxide and zinc oxide a well as some water resistant properties.

If you need a BB cream that gives skin treatment, then you can get a cream that has some anti-aging properties and has peptides and the anti-oxidants like vitamins A, E and C. it should also have the moisturizers such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Licorice and Arbutin are yet other ingredients that can be very helpful with one’s skin tone. For that skin luminous finish, then it has to have the light reflecting mica. Ingredients that are silicone based line dimethocone will give the skin a very smooth look and will act just like the foundation primer usually does.

It is however very important to note that the BB creams can’t replace all the products that are needed for a successful beauty regime and you may still have to use it alongside others.

For anyone who wants that low key look, then the BB creams are totally a fit. If you love natural look and don't like makeup but you are still up for the idea of protecting the skin, the BB creams are totally your best option. The best part of it all is that there are some BB creams that have even formulated just for men.

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