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Talk between foundations, tinted moisturizers, BB creams, CC creams, Cushion and more?

Talk between foundations, tinted moisturizers, BB creams, CC creams, Cushion and more?

Your ideal foundations, moisturizers, BB creams, CC creams and cushion compact

Choosing a foundation can be based upon many considerations. When the weather is humid and the temperatures high, a sweaty face is quite common. This is not the ideal time for full coverage but rather tinted moisturizers. Use a light base or a BB cream so as to get the nourishment the skin yearns for and get coverage without the heavy feel of any foundation. Choosing the bright one is the trick but the best news is that at, there are some awesome options that are bound to work magic on your skin.

To be able to get the best moisturizer, you will need to consider the type of kin that you have and the needs that that skin type needs. Also, you need to consider the cost of such a moisturizer as this will help you work within a budget when searching for one. For oily skin, you need a formula which is water based and one which will be. You also need a formula like SPF (Sun Protection Factor) which will protect you from sunrays.

BB cream has taken the world by storm and this is a craze which started out in Asia and it hasn’t ceased since. Many beauty companies now have their own version of the beauty balm also called blemish balm. Finding the best is really a personal issue but it also helps to know your skin type.

CC creams came after the BB ones. CC stand for color control, color correction or complexion corrector. The creams have sheer coverage, SPF protection and hydrating properties. The color correcting technology is also included so as to help with the skin tones that are rather uneven. This is the best cream to use if you want to hide any kind of imperfection on your skin.

As for the cushion compacts, came into the market just a few years back and to date, there has been a very huge hit and many parallel products have been introduced. This is especially from South Korea.

Cushion compact is actually BB/CC cream which is contained within a sponge so as to keep contents from spilling. This is a very convenient cream as it allows a touch up without the need to break tubes and also handle all residual gunks using the fingers. You only need to press on this cushion and the plug will yield a layer which is very even of the product resulting in a buildable and weightless coverage.

These cushions are not all about convenience however. Even though the application has been made a tad easier, there is more to them. They come with a new and improved formula which contains skin conditioners so as to hydrate ones complexion. This trend has really taken over in Korea and so many brands have come up with the same so as to offer women the best.

To find the very best of these products, look no further than where all your skin matters are catered for.


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