BB cream VS Foundation

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BB cream VS Foundation

BB cream VS foundation

BB cream VS Foundation 

Many people are concerned about what it is the difference between BB cream and the foundation. If you did not try the BB cream or the foundation, you should be aware of their difference and their similarities before you start to use them.  Both of them are used to cover up the imperfections, so you need to take a look and to see if the BB cream is the right option for you or if you should go for the foundation.  Some ladies got addicted to BB cream once they started, some ladies cannot accept the "less coverage" of BB cream.  There are no right or wrong on choose either one.  Let's take a look on the comparison below:

For the coverage

the foundation is thicker and it offers more coverage but BB cream does not offer enough coverage. BB cream is good if you want to go to the beach or you just want something which is easy to be used.

Skin benefit:

You can find some foundation which has some skincare benefits but the BB cream comes with them.  The cream is meant to clear up the skin so you can look flawless and it stays on the screen for the entire day.

Limited colors: 

For the BB cream, the problem is that there are not that much ranges of colors that you can find at the market. BB cream is normally white and it fades at the skin and if you have light skin or darker skin, it is going to be easy for anyone to see that you wear the cream.  Always keep this in mind and try to blend with other things.


You can apply the foundation or BB cream in different ways, however the BB cream has to be applied using the fingers since this is how it is meant to be used.  While using the foundation, you may use fingers, sponge or foundation brush but some options may look messier.

Higher SPF: 

The best thing with BB cream is how it has a high level of SPF for sun protection. The foundation has a certain level of SPF but it is too low to offer enough protection.  If you want to go to the beach, it is good to use BB cream to cover all the imperfections and to be protected against the sun compared to using the foundation.


BB cream comes with built-in primer but the foundation does not have this.  You should apply a primer and afterwards foundation. When you use the BB cream, you get everything with one product. The only thing you need is to spread the cream on your face and you are ready to go.


BB cream is not that cakey which means that you are not going to worry about having the skin drying up since the BB cream comes with a ton of moisturizer with it.  Sometime the foundation may be moisturizing but it may also make your skin to be too dry in case you have not put on the moisturizer before.


Foundation helps to cover the zits but the BB cream can help to treat them. If you suffer acne, you should buy Bb cream which is oil free so that you can also get rid of the acne.  

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