BB cream and CC cream are not moisturizer, they are Makeup with moisturizing function

BB and CC Creams: What they are and what they are not

If you have been going around looking for new skin care products or are just browsing through fashion magazines a little these days, then there may have been a new class of products that you would have come across. BB, CC and now, DD creams are amongst the new products in the market. Before anything else, let us try to understand what they really are and if they are meant for you.

The meaning of BB ad CC

The BB in the name stands from Blemish Balm. These creams were invented in Germany and slowly gained prevalence in other countries. Their USP or selling point is that they claim to provide quite a good amount of coverage to your skin, similar to a foundation, but with a few more extra features, including lightening your skin, protecting it from the sun and also adding in a few anti-aging properties. Sounds like quite the all-in-one product, doesn’t it?

A slight variation of the CC creams come with the name of CC, or Color and Correct Creams. These kinds claim to offer ‘more coverage’ than BB creams, and are branded as formulas that not only help you to cover the flaws, but also provide a host of other benefits to your skin, including redness and dark spots reductions.

While they all sound like quite the products, how much of what they claim is true?

The truth behind BB and CC Creams

The way that they are marketed leads people to believe that they are some form of miraculous moisturizers, while in reality, they are quite different from moisturizers or any such kinds of products. BB and CC creams can be thought of as makeup accessories or products that have an additional moisturizing property- to what extent is that property effective or useful is a different point, however.

They are being considered as the latest in ‘hybrid’ products that have a dual function- that of makeup and of protecting the skin. However, they are not any kind of ‘must-have’ products. These creams are more like a range of convenient products that people can use to get all-in-one protection from the sun, hydration as well as look fairer. They are not the revolutionary products that you may think they are, and in fact, majority of the western BB creams are just like tinted moisturizers, and CC creams are nothing more than lighter foundations that have been given a fancy new name.

While there may be a few ‘best’ CC and BB creams that have an impressive lineup of ingredients that may be good for the skin, it is not all that true for all the labeling that are out there. While buying them is not a bad option at all, it is important to be careful while selecting one and not be seduced by the tall claims that they make. The right skin care product is all about what is inside of it, and not what the label outside claims to offer you!

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