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How the BB cream Booms in Skin Care?

When Dr. Christine Schrammek have introduced the BB cream to save his patient’s skin after facial peels and surgery, he definitely was unaware of the boom, the cream is going to create in near future, however we should not forget to mention the South Korean Cosmetologist and Korean skin care products specialist, who gave re birth to this 1960’s formulation and introduce new trends in skin care regimen in 80’s decade.

What do you mean by these initials BB?

BB stand for blemish balms or beauty balms and the peculiarity of these balms is this that they are multi-purpose skin care products available in a budget. What a cool idea! No need to buy assorted skin care products with high prices and complicated applications. Just apply the BB cream and you will have your sunscreen, foundation, moisturizer and serums all inclusive in a single formulation. Isn’t it sensational?

What’s Inside the BB cream?

As the trend of applying single multi-functional skin care product hits the society, every brand is combating to produce its own BB cream with unique formulations .Still the best choice of natural ingredients in a friendly price is linked to Korean skin care products, which is constantly bringing best BB creams in the market.

These creams are generally made up of

  1. Zinc oxide or titanium oxide; these are sun block to protect you from scorching sun
  2. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, E, and C with special peptides to serve as an anti- ageing lotion
  3. Licorice and arbutin for glowing skin tone
  4. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin, to master the moisturizing area
  5. Mica illuminates your skin via its light reflecting property
  6. Dimethicone and other silicon based constituents as your make –up base

Why BB creams are so popular?

During the last five years a $67133.4 million business reflecting to generate 53% increase in revenue has been observed since the introduction of BB cream in western market. The popularity of the cream determines that modern women do not crave for expensive skin care products rather they trust the beneficial natural ingredient formulation in low prices which produces optimum result. The ease of combining al the formulations like lotion, serum, sun screen together in a single container has made these cream a boom in skin care regimen. The skin care users are thankful to Korean skin care products which emerges as miraculous remedies for skin care glitches.

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