How the BB cream Booms in Skin Care?

When Dr. Christine Schrammek have introduced the BB cream to save his patient’s skin after facial peels and surgery, he definitely was unaware of the boom, the cream is going to create in near future, however we should not forget to mention the South Korean Cosmetologist and Korean skin care products specialist, who gave re birth to this 1960’s formulation and introduce new trends in skin care regimen in 80’s decade.

What do you mean by these initials BB?

BB stand for blemish balms or beauty balms and the peculiarity of these balms is this that they are multi-purpose skin care products available in a budget. What a cool idea! No need to buy assorted skin care products with high prices and complicated applications. Just apply the BB cream and you will have your sunscreen, foundation, moisturizer and serums all inclusive in a single formulation. Isn’t it sensational?

What’s Inside the BB cream?

As the trend of applying single multi-functional skin care product hits the society, every brand is combating to produce its own BB cream with unique formulations .Still the best choice of natural ingredients in a friendly price is linked to Korean skin care products, which is constantly bringing best BB creams in the market.

These creams are generally made up of

  1. Zinc oxide or titanium oxide; these are sun block to protect you from scorching sun
  2. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, E, and C with special peptides to serve as an anti- ageing lotion
  3. Licorice and arbutin for glowing skin tone
  4. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin, to master the moisturizing area
  5. Mica illuminates your skin via its light reflecting property
  6. Dimethicone and other silicon based constituents as your make –up base

Why BB creams are so popular?

During the last five years a $67133.4 million business reflecting to generate 53% increase in revenue has been observed since the introduction of BB cream in western market. The popularity of the cream determines that modern women do not crave for expensive skin care products rather they trust the beneficial natural ingredient formulation in low prices which produces optimum result. The ease of combining al the formulations like lotion, serum, sun screen together in a single container has made these cream a boom in skin care regimen. The skin care users are thankful to Korean skin care products which emerges as miraculous remedies for skin care glitches.






In the world of cosmetics, BB cream started a revolution. Before the BB cream, ladies used foundation to cover the flaws on their face, such as redness, acne scars, and more, but the thing with the foundation is that it can be pretty heavy for the skin. When you apply it, you simply feel that your skin cannot breathe normally, and you cannot wait for the moment to come home, and take it off. Koreans are known for their flawless skin, and the beauty secret is not the foundation, it’s the famous BB cream.

What is BB cream?

Blemish base, also known as a BB cream is actually a 2 in 1 cream. It is the perfect combination of makeup and skin care. It’s a foundation, but it more than that. It has moisturizer, sunscreen, it is excellent to make your skin brighter, and depending on the BB cream you choose, it can provide lifting and anti-wrinkle effect. When wearing the cream, you will have a completely natural look. Your skin will be smooth, and uneven skin tone, which is the issue for many will be successfully concealed.

Choose the right shade

When choosing a foundation, you can often feel confused, because there are many shades available. Selecting the right one can be tricky, and in case you choose the wrong one, the difference in the skin tone on your face and neck will be pretty obvious. BB cream usually comes in two shades, both light, and you’ll easily select the one perfect for your skin tone. Usually, just a bit of cream is enough to cover the flaws, and to provide that smooth, natural look, while protecting and hydrating your skin at the same time. For all those reasons, it’s no wonder why BB cream is the Korean beauty secret.

BB cream makes the skin beautiful

The best thing about the BB cream is that it will not make your skin beautiful only when you wear it. With the prolonged usage, it will nourish your skin, which will become moisturized, more firm, and it can even reduce the acne scars. If you have issues with fine lines and wrinkles, you can choose the BB cream with anti-wrinkle effect, and after a while, you’ll soon notice a huge, positive difference. Also, when you apply the cream, you won’t even feel it on your facial skin, because it’s not heavy, and it does not clog the pores.  

In the world of cosmetics, Korea skin care products are considered as revolutionary ones, and not just for the BB cream. There are facial masks, toners, and all kinds of home facial products that are making a difference, and the products are made from natural ingredients. Products created in Korea are a synonym for innovative skincare, and they are taking off the world. Their popularity in the US, Europe and all other parts of the world is going up. All kinds of astonishing Korean skin care products are available at Skin18.


We all love to have flawless skin as looking good is something that everyone desires. For this reason, we are ever on a quest to find the very best products available in the market so as to always look our best. We all take some sort of inspiration from the Korean women whose faces are so smooth and flawless and the reason this is so is because of the innovative skincare methods that they invest in.

BB Cream

The BB cream is one of the most famous creams that are popular in Korea. The original cream was created by Christine Schrammek in the 60’s and in the 80’s, Korean cosmetic companies took over and made it even better. This is an all in one kind of facial that replaces sunblock, primer, moisturizer, and serum. It is a cream that has been in use in Korea for a long time since it only hit western markets recently.

BB cream means blemish balm or blemish base and in the western markets, it is called beauty balm. This is one of the most superior cosmetic products and is very popular in the Asian markets. There has been an introduction of this product to western markets too.


BB creams are available in different formulations. Initially, the Korean companies concentrated on east Asia and Korean markets and there was only a limited number of hues most of the formulas are created in a way that they can oxidize so as to match anyone’s skin tone. Its ski whitening element is something that makes it even more popular. This is an important cream in Korea skincare.

What the BB cream does

The cream can multi task and is a kind of all in one treatment. For the Korean women, it is used as a foundation alternative because foundation tends to be heavier on the skin. The coverage of BB Cream is mineral based. It can treat and cover blemishes like age spots, sun spots and acne quite well. It is also a cream that has soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle effects. There are some that have vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid.

According to the Huffington post, BB creams bear skin-regenerating properties. It is one of the favorites among Korean women and we can see the great results.

13% of the cosmetics within South Korea are BB creams and there are some creams meant for men. There are so many brands and it is important to know where to buy the best. At skin 18, we make it our business to ensure that you always get your hands on the best.

Korean products

Apart from the Korean BB creams, there are so many options that you can choose from. There are many products that are made using natural ingredients and they always leave the skin looking radiant. With the current innovative skincare, home facials can be achieved due to the many facial masks that are available in the market today.

Korean skin care products are so popular because they are revolutionary. They make all the difference and that is why investing in them is really worthwhile. You can trust us at skin18 to provide you with the best products from Korea and we know they are good because we have tested them thoroughly.





BBcream is not foundation

BB cream is often used as a substitute for foundation. This is because BB cream can serve as something that evens the skin tone, protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, serves as a moisturizer, gives a proper shade to the skin, and even serves well for acne prone skin. In fact, it can also treat skin with acne because of which it is a tad better than foundation. BB cream also serves as a skin whitening agent.

Effectively, BB cream is a comprehensive make up cream, and not much needs to be applied, especially since this cream is not oily. Because it is a single cream that performs several functions, many people love to use BB cream. One can also do any touch up faster with BB cream.

But the foundation has its advantages too. There are limitations in shades or tints in which BB cream is available. Greater perfection in make-up is possible with foundation. Effectively, with foundation and other routines before and after it, it is possible to look as if there is little or no make-up at all.

Such refinement is not possible with BB cream unless the skin color is very close to the tint of the cream. In fact, BB cream is not a suitable foundation alternative for those people whose skin color does not match easily with any of the three tints in which BB cream is usually available. If the makeup starts wearing out before too long, it is obvious that the person has used BB cream instead of foundation.

So in conclusion, BB cream can be a daily moisturizing protection to your skin as foundation can serve as an agency for necessary coverage in special occasion.  This does not mean the foundation is not good, only not for a daily usage.

Be good to your skin and use BB cream more often so that your face can breath and be moisturized for your daily life.

BB cream VS Foundation 

Many people are concerned about what it is the difference between BB cream and the foundation. If you did not try the BB cream or the foundation, you should be aware of their difference and their similarities before you start to use them.  Both of them are used to cover up the imperfections, so you need to take a look and to see if the BB cream is the right option for you or if you should go for the foundation.  Some ladies got addicted to BB cream once they started, some ladies cannot accept the "less coverage" of BB cream.  There are no right or wrong on choose either one.  Let's take a look on the comparison below:

For the coverage

the foundation is thicker and it offers more coverage but BB cream does not offer enough coverage. BB cream is good if you want to go to the beach or you just want something which is easy to be used.

Skin benefit:

You can find some foundation which has some skincare benefits but the BB cream comes with them.  The cream is meant to clear up the skin so you can look flawless and it stays on the screen for the entire day.

Limited colors: 

For the BB cream, the problem is that there are not that much ranges of colors that you can find at the market. BB cream is normally white and it fades at the skin and if you have light skin or darker skin, it is going to be easy for anyone to see that you wear the cream.  Always keep this in mind and try to blend with other things.


You can apply the foundation or BB cream in different ways, however the BB cream has to be applied using the fingers since this is how it is meant to be used.  While using the foundation, you may use fingers, sponge or foundation brush but some options may look messier.

Higher SPF: 

The best thing with BB cream is how it has a high level of SPF for sun protection. The foundation has a certain level of SPF but it is too low to offer enough protection.  If you want to go to the beach, it is good to use BB cream to cover all the imperfections and to be protected against the sun compared to using the foundation.


BB cream comes with built-in primer but the foundation does not have this.  You should apply a primer and afterwards foundation. When you use the BB cream, you get everything with one product. The only thing you need is to spread the cream on your face and you are ready to go.


BB cream is not that cakey which means that you are not going to worry about having the skin drying up since the BB cream comes with a ton of moisturizer with it.  Sometime the foundation may be moisturizing but it may also make your skin to be too dry in case you have not put on the moisturizer before.


Foundation helps to cover the zits but the BB cream can help to treat them. If you suffer acne, you should buy Bb cream which is oil free so that you can also get rid of the acne.  

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