It is summer! You just can't wait to shed off those warm clothes and head off to the beach with the beach towel, sun glasses, and a cold drink. How blissful to have the golden rays warm your skin! Well, not really. You are probably, and unwittingly doing more harm to your skin, than good. Harmful radiations from sun, UVA and UVB cause wrinkles, premature aging, and sunburns. Korean sun block BB, and CC creams are the perfect solution to protect and preserve your skin!

Skin18 Sun Care Creams: Sun care creams are essential during all seasons, summer or winter. They have a specific SPF (Sun Protection Factor) mentioned on them. It is advisable to make it a habit to use Sun care creams as a part of your daily routine. Skin18 offers a range of sun protection creams of varying SPF and made with trademarked Korean ingredients. There are two different types. BB and CC creams. Here is a glimpse.

BB Creams : Introduced to the world by Koreans, BB or Blemish Balms have taken the world by storm. BB creams are typically sheer foundation creams with many benefits like coverage, SPF, whitening of skin, or anti- wrinkling. They also have nutrients that will improve health of the skin. Korean cosmetics use a host of natural ingredients.

    CC Creams: The more recent and popular inclusion to the ever innovative Korean skin care industry. While the BB creams are more the all -in -one formula of foundation, moisturizer, sun block, anti wrinkle formulation, Skin18's offering of CC or Complexion Correction creams are more specifically targeted at what their name suggests - correcting complexion. CC creams are also a make-up and skincare combination, but they offer more coverage and are lighter than their BB counterparts.

    CC creams are focused on treatment and correction of irregularities in the skin like crow's feet, dark spots, acne, and dull skin. It also has a higher SPF. Korean CC creams are a blend of many natural ingredients that are intended for whitening, anti-aging and anti -wrinkles. Take a look at some of Skin18's CC creams.

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