There was BB cream, then can CC creams. Now, we have the DD creams. DD means dynamic do all or daily defense or dermatologically defining. It all depends on the brand that you have chosen. The new alphabet iteration makeup is to try taking the product a notch higher because of its multi-tasking abilities. One of the most notable abilities is the anti-aging ones.

DD creams offer all the traits that the CC creams do and the only difference is the fact that there are even more anti-aging benefits being offered. This means even smoother skin and reduced fine lines. If you want totally flawless skin, this is the right product for you. There are so many brands of the DD creams that are available in the market today and you should be able to find one that is totally suitable for you at our site, skin 18. We test products before they get to you.

One of the things to note about Korea skincare is the fact that there is a new trend where natural ingredients are being used in making them.

The new Korea trend

Korea products have become quite popular with time and it is with a good reason. There are so many beauty products that are being used out there and today, one of the things that you should always find out about a product is the ingredients that have been used to make them.

Korean women prefer light, dewy and healthy skin. The use of natural ingredients in the beauty products helps them achieve this quite easily. Most Korean beauty products have got natural ingredients in small particles and they can be absorbed into the skin so as to give you a boost and leave you looking good. Oriental medicine cosmetics use natural ingredients and may include medicinal herbs. This is preferred for people in their 20’s and 30’s who don’t want skin pigmentation and wrinkling. The innovative skincare has enabled people to specify exactly what they want a product to do for them.

Skincare routines used by Koreans

Korea can teach a lot of valuable lessons to us. With the creation of easy to use cosmetics, we can have simple home facials that will totally take care of our skins. Facial masks that are very easy to use have been introduced and they contain ingredients that are totally awesome on our skins. Koreans really value their skin and that is why multiple tests are carried out on their cosmetics. We at skin18 also make it our responsibility to test and try all products before we offer them for sale. You are always guaranteed of the very best quality. Even though the skincare process in Korea can be quite exhaustive, it is totally worthwhile.

Some of the steps that are included in skincare in Korea include:

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