Be good to your skin - avoid the sun and use UV

Taking care of your facial skin is something that is undoubtedly very important to you. To be good to your skin, you need to clean it properly every day, in the morning, and before you go to bed, and you should regularly apply particular products that will nourish your skin. One of the things that certainly should not disregard is protection from the sun. 

Is the sun harmful to the skin?

The element that damages the skin is called UV rays. When the skin exposed to the sun (UV rays) to a certain level, it will try to protect itself from UV rays by showing a darkening layer, so-called skin tans. When there is too much sun exposure, the UV rays will reach the skin's inner layer, leading to sunburn. If sunburn continuously hurts the skin's inner layer, it will end up with serious damage or death of skin cells. In the end, it is possible to develop skin cancer. 

Harmful UV rays

As mentioned, harmful UV rays can damage the skin, cause dryness, wrinkles, redness, and so on, which is why we need to pay special attention. We should avoid the sun as much as possible, but when there is a situation that we have to go out for an outing, please try to protect the skin by applying SPF level lotion/cream. 

The sun from the East and West

From a culture perspective, people from the east learned to protect their skin from the sun from a young age, people who live in western culture instead expose themselves to the sun whenever possible. It is not only a cultural difference, but it is also the sun. The sun from Asia is more harmful to the skin

BB creams and CC creams as sunscreen

In recent years, the popularity of BB and CC creams increased for many reasons. These creams will cover imperfections on your skin, but they won't clog the pores and will also nourish your face's skin. They are very popular not only in Asia but worldwide, and ladies all over the world are applying them daily. These creams also protect the skin from the sun.


When choosing a CC and BB cream, always choose the one that contains SPF. Your skin will look beautiful, smooth, and it will also be protected, which is extremely important. That way, you will always be good for your skin, and it will look gorgeous!

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