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You’re Go-to Guide for CC Creams

Well, it began with BB, then CC and DD, and finally EE creams have shown up – these alphabet-formulations are standard beauty perfecting agents that you might discover in every fair-skin-loving person’s cabinet. So, you must be wondering what the difference is between these creams – is it just an alphabet or is there more to it? Here’s a guide to the CC creams which are famously called ‘Color Correcting’ creams.

What are CC creams and what are they used for?

CC or ‘Color Correcting’ creams are meant to address dermatological issues like redness or sallowness, with a whipped, light and fluffy finish. As make-up artist Nico Guiles says, “CC cream is a color corrector and will be lighter on the skin.” They are aided with the qualities of hiding discoloration, pimples, age spots or sallow skin and imparting lightness, even though you’re correcting unevenness of the complexion. CC creams also come with anti-ageing benefits and evening out skin tones using the ingredients of Vitamin C, licorice and anti-oxidants. As Wei Bran puts it, “CC creams give more full, foundation- like coverage but feel like you’re wearing something very light.”


CC creams vs. BB creams:

  1. For oily skin: CC wins it because of its less oily quality and matte texture.
  2. For redness: CC is ideally meant for this purpose and easily trumps BB.
  3. For Acne: BB being a lightweight cream lets the skin breathe and hence doesn’t allow acne to develop.
  4. For a Natural complexion: Both are equally good, but since BB targets skin blemishes, it is of better use.
  5. For anti-ageing properties: CC cream has the additional advantage of covering age-related blemishes over BB creams.

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