Is SPF on BB cream enough? Or do we need separate sunscreen?

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Is SPF on BB cream enough? Or do we need separate sunscreen?

 Is SPF on BB cream enough? Or do we need separate sunscreen?

Is SPF in BB Cream Enough?

While it has been well established by dermatologists that using a sunscreen is a must in our daily skin care routine, the question of how much and in what form remains. It is essential to protect our skin from sun damage by applying a lotion with SPF daily whether indoors or outdoors to avoid any form of skin cancer and also to prevent early ageing of our skin from UV rays. However, is it necessary to apply a separate sunscreen or can we get away with simply using a BB cream that has SPF?

BB Creams

BB Creams are moisturizing creams with a base color that acts as s liquid foundation for day time everyday wear. The reason why BB creams tend to be thicker can be attributed the fact that they contain SPF in them. The higher the SPF, the thicker the formula. Many people prefer using a BB cream only since nowadays many BB creams come with and SPF 30 or above, eliminating the need for a separate sunscreen.

The main aim of BB creams is to act as an all in one product which gives coverage while at the same time provides sun protection as well.

The BB creams with less SPF will be lighter and less thick as compared to the one with SPF 50 for those who prefer lighter coverage.


Some women prefer to use separate sunscreen as a force of habit or perhaps an assurance that they are in fact well protected from sun damage. This is usually the second step after moisturizing and before applying makeup. Some BB creams don't provide the amount of SPF one would want to apply and therefore they opt to wear sunscreen separately and then apply a light coat of foundation to prevent any heavy coverage. 

    Both these sunblock offer SPF 50 which is good sun protection coverage.

    BB Cream With or Without SPF?

    While it can work either way, it is more of a personal preference whether one wants to apply sunscreen and BB cream separately or apply a BB cream with an SPF. BB creams with an SPF are just as effective in protecting against UV rays as a normal sunscreen but one can choose to opt out of this due to the fact that an SPF BB cream gives a thicker coverage. Using one without an SPF is more likely to be lighter in texture and give a more natural and lighter look to the skin. 

      These BB creams are lighter on the skin and can be paired separately with a sunscreen mentioned above to give lighter coverage over your sunscreen.


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        I’m surprised to learn how common it is layer products! I just do not have any luck when u do this. Id love to hear of any great ‘combos’ people have found .. my latest mishap came when I layered a color adjusting makeup formula over spf moisturizer. I was staying white! Usually they just pull up on the other product :(
        Any recommendations let me know!

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