Introduction to Aromatherapy & aroma guide

Aromatherapy (diffusing oil) is the most common method of using Young Living Essential Oils. Skin18 would like to share more than 100 of our favorite and most commonly used fragrances, suitable for use at home, private space, and the office, let the healing power of essential oils into your life in every area.

It is important to select the highest-quality essential oil for aromatherapy for the best result - this is why Skin18 choose Young Living as our primary brand out of many brands worldwide.  

In addition to the high-quality fragrance expansion formula, the diffuser's proper use and maintenance are also crucial. The diffuser operates by conducting electricity through mineral molecules in water. If water does not contain enough mineral molecules, it does not recommend diffusing essential oil in the diffuser.  

"Tap water contains added minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Hard tap water has higher mineral contents, which some consider more healthful. However, minerals in hard water form deposits that can corrode pipes or restrict the flow." (MedicalNewsToday -

At last, be careful not to heat or burn essential oils, this will affect the expansion of essential oils. Finally, please also regularly clean the diffuser and make sure that any debris does not block the diffuser's air outlet. Except using a diffuser, there are also other aromatherapy methods, Skin18 will provide 12 different aromatherapy methods for our users:

Introduction to Aromatherapy & aroma guide

  • (1) Diffuse Essential oils
    • Young Living electronic diffuser or other electronic diffusers - Fill up the diffuser with water and a few drops of essential oils as recommended; turn on the diffuser. Each essential oil has different diffusion behavior, ensure you read detail description on diffusing time before
    • * You need electronic diffuser + essential oils + water.
  • (2) Essential oil warmer
    • Fill up the bowl on top of the warmer with water, and a few drops of essential oils; place a lighted tea light candle on the warmer's bottom.
    • * You need: warmer with a bowl on top + tea light candle + essential oils + and water. 
    • * Be very careful while using tea light candle.
  • (3) Direct inhalation (from palm)
    • Inhale directly from palm, the bottle, tissue, or cotton ball. Apply highly concentrated essential oils on items and inhale directly. Suggest using 2-3 drops of oil on each application.
    • * You need essential oils; your palms, bottle, tissue or cotton ball.
  • (4) Aromatherapy Sprays
    • Insert essential oils, water, and dispersant agent such as solubol to a spray bottle then mix it well. * soubol is an odorless, alcohol-free, and natural dispersant; it is a food-grade emulsifier to dissolve essential oils in water, tea or other liquids.
    • * You need: spray bottle + essential oils + Water + dispersant agent [solubol]

    Introduction to Aromatherapy & aroma guide

    • (5) Steam Inhalation
      • Boil water and add essential oils into water (approximately one ounce of boiling water with 5 drops of essential oil) 
      • * You need: basil + essential oils + Boiling water
    • (6) Aromatherapy Baths
      • Add essential oils (2-10 drops) to the dispersing agent (solubol), mix well; add the mixture of essential oils & dispersing agent, salt, vegetable oils, and warm water to the bathtub.  
      • You need: bathtub + essential oils + vegetable oils + salt + dispersant agent [solubol] + warm water
    • (7) Aromatherapy dilution
      • Mix essential oils with vegetable oils (v6) according to the suggesting dilution rate (5-20%) into the glass bottle, shake well before application. Apply the mixture directly to the skin or surface. 
      • You need glass bottle (suggest with brown color) + essential oils [10-20%] + vegetable oils [80-90%]
    • (8) Aromatherapy lotion
      • Mix unscented white lotion with essential oils, and vegetable oils (v6) on the suggesting dilution rate (5-10%) into the glass bottle, mix well before applying to the skin.
      • You need lotion container + unscented white lotion or cream base + essential oils [<10%] + vegetable oils [>90%]) 

    Introduction to Aromatherapy & aroma guide

      • (9) Reed diffuser
        • Mix essential oils (30-35%)with vegetable oils (v6) according to the suggesting dilution rate (65-70%) into the glass bottle, mix well. Add reed sticks into the bottle.
        • * You need glass bottle/jar + essential oils (30-35%) + vegetable oils (65-70%) + reed diffuser sticks
      • (10) Essential Oil Massage
        • Dilute essential oils (10-30%) to the vegetable oils (70-90%) mix well; gently put oil to the body and massage. 
        • You need: essential oils + vegetable oils
      • (11) Scented Candles
        • Use the wick-centering tool to fix the center of the wick and place it in the container/jar center. Melt 3 cups of soy wax (~300 ml) in the microwave/boiling pot on the large glass cup until wax turn to liquid. Add essential oils (~40-60 drops = 2-3ml) to the melted wax immediately (optional on proportion). Pour mixture to the container/jar, then wait until the wax hardens.
        • You need container/jar + essential oils [10-20%] + wick-centering tool + Soy wax + Candle wicks + large glass cup + stirrer 
      • (12) Dried Flowers
        • Dry out flowers which take a couple of weeks, optional to cut off the stem. Once flowers are dry, put them in the glass container/jar and add essential oil drops. Close the container/jar to allow the dried flowers to absorb the oil for a couple of weeks
        • You need glass container/jar + dried flower + essential oils 


      Pay attention to the above key points, and enjoy aromatherapy by spreading the fragrance with the peace of mind.

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