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The Complete Aromatherapy Guide - Homecare

A home is a centering place for a human; it provides security, comforts, privacy, identity, control, and belongings. A comfortable home is a place we need, not only us, all living beings such as animals, mammals, etc. It keeps us safe from natural disasters and outside pressure.

According to the hierarchy of needs theory by Abraham Maslow, the basis of all is Physiological needs - air, water, food, SHELTER, sleep, clothing, and reproduction. 

It is important to make our home smell amazing as it is the primary comfort zone of ours; the simplest ways would be: 

  1. Cleaning I: Keep your home as clean as possible by using an easy organization system, systemize the allocation of all belongings and remember to wipe the surface of most items from time to time.   
  2. Cleaning II: Use a trash can with cover and empty the trash daily. Clean the garbage disposal, or any opening in the house such as drains, toilets, windows, etc. 
  3. Cleaning III: Deep clean the house from time to time by wiping all surfaces, spreading baking soda on carpets then the vacuum can deodorizing stinky smells. 
  4. Cleaning Spray: Make your multi-purpose cleaning spray at home with white vinegar, alcohol, water, citrus peels (oils), and herbs. Try to avoid the chemical by buying air fresheners in the store as it will damage your health.  Many commercial room freshening sprays are cheap but made with potentially harmful chemicals. Try to mix your won spray with water, alcohol, and pure essential oils. Please take a look at our suggestion aromatherapy recipe and make your spray today. 
  5. Diffuse essential oils: Last but the most critical step is to diffuse high-quality essential oils from air filters, make everything smell great with the natural healing properties.  

There are a total of 12 combination suggested from Skin18. Click to the image for aromatherapy recipe:
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