Guide to Aromatherapy - Focus
About Focus: Aromatherapy 021 to 023 from Skin18
Guide to Aromatherapy - Focus
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  • Concentration and memory go hand in hand. With the aid of aromatic essential oils, attention can cultivate. After maintaining good focus, the mind will also improve, do things more with less effort.

  • There are many causes for "focusing issues" such as stress, depression, and anxiety. One of the most common reasons that lead to an issue is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). ADHD is a comment mental illness characterized by the inability to sit still or concentrate.
  • There are ways to get focus and eliminate distraction for calming the emotion: brain clarity and reset, rest for a while (20mins), take a short break, drink some coffee, listen to relaxing music, draw some doodles, etc.  Most importantly, aromatherapy, such as essential oil massage or diffusing diffusing the proper proportion of diluted essential oils, would help.
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Click here to download and save the PDF file on this whole set of Aromatherapy Method (Focus).

There are a total of 3 combination suggested from Skin18. Click to the image for aromatherapy recipe:

Aromatherapy 021 - Quiet & Concentration

Aromatherapy 022 - Peace of Mind

Aromatherapy 023 - Focus for Uplifting




Ways for Aromatherapy:

  1. Diffuse with electricity diffuser.
  2. Warm up essential oils with tea light candle warmer.
  3. Direct inhalation (EO on palm/bottle/tissue/cotton ball)
  4. Aromatherapy Sprays (spray bottle + EO + clean water + dispersant agent [solubol])
  5. Steam Inhalation (basin + EO + boiling water)
  6. Aromatherapy Baths (bath tub + EO + V6 + salt + dispersant agent [solubol]) 
  7. Aromatherapy dilution (glass bottle + 10-20%0EO + 80-90%V6) 
  8. Aromatherapy lotion (lotion container + unscented lotion/cream + EO[<10%] + V6 [>90%])
  9. Reed Diffuser (Jar + 30-35%EO + 65-70%V6 + Reed Diffuser Sticks)
  10. Massage (10-30%EO + 70-90%V6)
  11. Scented Candles (Jar + 10-20%EO + Soy Wax + Candle Wicks + Glass Cup + Stirrer
  12. Dried Flowers (Jar + Dried Flower + EO)

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.

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