Aromatherapy 037 - Beautiful Flowery Garden
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The most famous perfume fragrances are floral, it is a smell that comes from flowers with a soft feminine touch, soft and sweet. Flowery scents can boost up the mood and increase the experience of pleasant dreams. The "Beautiful Flowery Garden" aroma recipe is a combination of most pleasant flowers from the family of the essential oil for a fragrant of blossom florist at home.

    • Geranium is one of the few essential oils that carry natural floral scents at a reasonable price. The other famous floral scent is Rose, which is pricy. There are many houseware products on cleansing or air fresheners in the commercial market that carries this scent, as this floral scent can reduce fatigue, sadness, anxiety, stress, and tension. The other positive side of the smell is that it improves cognition, balances emotions, and enhances concentration. It is one of the best oils to diffuse at home.
    • Romain Chamomile is a flower with white petals and yellow round disc in the middle, and its flowerheads can be used to make medicine.  Traditionally, this flower is an ancient medicinal herb for humans as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, indigestion nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, intestinal gas due to mental stress, and healing medicine.  This flower is especially useful for morning sickness and painful menstrual periods.  As a big pain reliever, it carries a sweet, fruity, fresh, flavorsome, and highly seasoned.  This flower is good to relieve anxiety and promote sleep when used at home.
    • Needless to say, Lavender is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, and it is also useful in treating restlessness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and much more. The relaxation and sleep aids aroma is the best natural fragment for comfort home. 

    Recipes for Aromatherapy 037 - Beautiful Flowery Garden

    Aromatherapy 037 - Beautiful Flowery Garden

      * This aromatherapy recipes proportions to an electronics diffuser that contains approximately 180ml of water (about ¾ cup of water) or dilution of 10-20% of total essential oils with 80-90% of vegetable oils (V6)

    * It is strongly recommending users to read detailed instruction on this page: Introduction to Skin18 Aromatherapy before applying suggesting recipes for aromatherapy. 

    Ways for Aromatherapy:

    1. Diffuse with electricity diffuser.
    2. Warm up essential oils with tea light candle warmer.
    3. Direct inhalation (EO on palm/bottle/tissue/cotton ball)
    4. Aromatherapy Sprays (spray bottle + EO + clean water + dispersant agent [solubol])
    5. Steam Inhalation (basin + EO + boiling water)
    6. Aromatherapy Baths (bath tub + EO + V6 + salt + dispersant agent [solubol]) 
    7. Aromatherapy dilution (glass bottle + 10-20%0EO + 80-90%V6) 
    8. Aromatherapy lotion (lotion container + unscented lotion/cream + EO[<10%] + V6 [>90%])
    9. Reed Diffuser (Jar + 30-35%EO + 65-70%V6 + Reed Diffuser Sticks)
    10. Massage (10-30%EO + 70-90%V6)
    11. Scented Candles (Jar + 10-20%EO + Soy Wax + Candle Wicks + Glass Cup + Stirrer
    12. Dried Flowers (Jar + Dried Flower + EO)

    Caution: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.

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