Aromatherapy 026 - Calming for Bedtime
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The Complete Aromatherapy Guide - Calm & Sleep

About Calm & Sleep: Aromatherapy 026 - Calming for Bedtime

Citrus fruits mean flowering trees in the Rutaceae (rue) family; common fruits from this family include oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes, tangerine, and bergamot orange. Each of those fruits contains abundant vitamin C deficiencies, rich in antioxidants & anti-bacterial properties. Inhale this aroma while sleeping can improve the breathing process, clear the nostril, and open up the lung pathway. Combining the aroma of citrus fruits with Lavender (the king of sleeping oils), it became a potent recipe for calm & sleep. 

  • Lavender can work as an anxiety reliever, it is a key ingredient in many calming blends; you can diffuse it before bedtime as part of the nighttime routine. It adds the perfect atmosphere for a restful night's sleep and makes the ideal addition to bath, hair, body, and skincare products.  The aroma carries a calm, relax, and balance benefits for the user emotionally and physically.
  • The acidity of Limes has a cleansing ability for a detoxification process during sleeping time.  The smell of Lime improves air quality which is what we need for a calming bedtime. 
  • Tangerine contains great source of vitamins A and C, with antioxidants properties to reduce harmful free radicals in the body.  Diffusing this oil at night time can surely benefit from this aroma. 

Recipes for Aromatherapy 026 - Calming for Bedtime

Aromatherapy 026 - Calming for Bedtime

  * This aromatherapy recipes proportions to an electronics diffuser that contains approximately 180ml of water (about ¾ cup of water) or dilution of 10-20% of total essential oils with 80-90% of vegetable oils (V6)

* It is strongly recommending users to read detailed instruction on this page: Introduction to Skin18 Aromatherapy before applying suggesting recipes for aromatherapy. 

Ways for Aromatherapy:

  1. Diffuse with electricity diffuser.
  2. Warm up essential oils with tea light candle warmer.
  3. Direct inhalation (EO on palm/bottle/tissue/cotton ball)
  4. Aromatherapy Sprays (spray bottle + EO + clean water + dispersant agent [solubol])
  5. Steam Inhalation (basin + EO + boiling water)
  6. Aromatherapy Baths (bath tub + EO + V6 + salt + dispersant agent [solubol]) 
  7. Aromatherapy dilution (glass bottle + 10-20%0EO + 80-90%V6) 
  8. Aromatherapy lotion (lotion container + unscented lotion/cream + EO[<10%] + V6 [>90%])
  9. Reed Diffuser (Jar + 30-35%EO + 65-70%V6 + Reed Diffuser Sticks)
  10. Massage (10-30%EO + 70-90%V6)
  11. Scented Candles (Jar + 10-20%EO + Soy Wax + Candle Wicks + Glass Cup + Stirrer
  12. Dried Flowers (Jar + Dried Flower + EO)

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.

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Jessica August 10, 2020

I know Lavender is famous oil for sleeping time but never heard about citrus fruit, interesting! GREAT POST! please follow my blog

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