North American Farm: Whispering Springs Farm, Mona, Utah, USA

Young Living's Whispering Springs Farm is a famous local lavender garden.It is important not only for Young Living, but also for essential oil sports and health seekers.

Located in Mona, Utah, the farm is just a few minutes ' drive from Young Living headquarters.The farm often hosts a variety of events, such as the Lavender Festival, essential Oils and Animal Conference, etc.

Farm Fact: The Mona lavender fields and farm span nearly 1,600 acres, and the location is home to one of the largest privately owned essential oil distilleries in the world

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Essential oils from this farm:Lavender Essential Oil Clary Sage Essential Oil | Goldenrod Essential Oil | Juniper Essential Oil | Blue Yarrow Essential Oil | Peppermint Essential Oil | Melissa Essential Oil

Whispering Springs Farm

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