North American Farm: Skyrider Wilderness farm, Tabiona, Utah, USA

Skyrider Wilderness, a new farm, has brought together Young Living global leaders to host a number of leadership training rewards tours and events.  Located in the Tabiona mountains, the farm enjoys natural beauty and communicates with founder Gary Young.  So it's not just where the unique einkorn wheat grows, it's also where founder Gary conducts distillation and research on new varieties of plants.

Although this ranch is one of our newest locations, many Young Living global leaders have attended retreats and events hosted at the beautiful Skyrider Wilderness Ranch. Nestled in the hills of Tabiona, Utah, and home to stunning vistas and wildlife, this farm is close to Gary Young’s heart. It’s a location where our unique einkorn grain can grow, as well as a place where Gary can perform research on distillation methods and new botanicals.
Products from this farm:  Gary’s True Grit® Einkorn Flour | Gary’s True Grit® Einkorn Pancake and Waffle Mix | Gary’s True Grit® Einkorn Rotini Pasta | Gary’s True Grit® Einkorn Spaghetti | Gary’s True Grit® Einkorn Granola | Gary’s True Grit® Einkorn Flakes Cereal | Gary’s True Grit® Einkorn Berries
Skyrider Wilderness farm
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