About the founder of Young Living

Gary Young has devoted his life to develop essential oils, with his passion for plants, the distillation technology to improve. In 1994, Gary Young and Mary Young decided to create a life-changing philosophy and started the Young Living brand. They want to share the most natural and pure nature gifts with the world. And through innovation, exploration, and adherence to the firm concept of the pursuit of high quality, bring countless benefits to human health. After more than 20 years, Young Living has become a global leader in essential oils, setting new standards for essential oils' purity.

Young Living's mission is to bring high-quality natural essential oils to every family in the world, inspiring people around the world to pursue a healthy life. Young Living adheres to its original belief in providing pure essential oils by pioneering proprietary production standards from "seed to seal." Young Living has a strict monitoring process on its and its partners' farm products. The mission is to provide the world with a wealth of essential oils and essential oil products, inspiring millions of people worldwide. They do not only experience the gift of health and harmony, but also to create a precious life, daily life, but also from the significant transformation and innovation.


Under the leadership of Gary Young and Mary Young, Young Living is now a global leader in essential oils and physical and mental health products. Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, the company has set up overseas branches in 7 Asia-Pacific markets, including Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan - every corner of the world.

Gary also leads with empathy by paying special attention to residents in the backward areas, providing them with health support and educational opportunities, and driving employees worldwide to engage in this charity.  With the hope to help people in need to realize their potential, contribute to the communities in backward areas, make a difference, bring positive changes to life.


Gary Young died in Salt Lake City on May 12, 2018, US time.  The lost was extremely hard for the family with a heavy blow. Gary Young has spent more than 35 years understanding the benefits of essential oils by perfecting essential oil extraction methods.  He also delve into how to extract essential oils from different parts of herbs, combining ancient methods with innovative technology, and even traveling to some sparsely populated countries around the world to develop farms and research distillation equipment.
Although our beloved Gary Young has left the world, but his spoken words will always be remembered. His consistent persistence will motivate every Young Living member.

Our spirit of love will always drive us forward and serve Young Living's essential oils. We will continue to honor Gary Young's immortal spirit and a lifelong passion for essential oils and his selfless sharing of the noble character of pure essential oils with the world!


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